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The main character’s name is Artemis Fowl. He has dark hair and pale skin. He is twelve years old. His family is very rich and live in a large house, and Artemis lives with his mom, (who has been acting very strange since Artemis’ dad died.) and his two servants, Butler and Juliet. At the beginning of the book, Artemis is mainly focused on getting even richer than he already was. After he kidnapped a fairy though, he realized that he had something he wanted more than riches. He wanted his mom to go back to her normal self, not grieving over the loss of her husband. Artemis Fowl was very cruel in the book, wanted nothing other than fame and money, and he would do anything to get those. He bribed people to give him information by giving them money. It says, “His plans would have to be much more devious than usual if the were to escape his mother’s attention. But it would be worth it.” This is saying that Artemis would still do bad things, but he was very glad that his mom was back to her old self.

When Artemis Fowl finds out that fairies are actually real, he decides to try to catch one. He is very cruel to the fairy that he catches, whose name is Holly. Over time though, he begins to realize that he has been cruel and lets her go back to her own people, at a price. (of course) Holly grants him a wish, which he pays for in gold. He could have decided to get more gold, but instead he uses it to make his mother get better. He did change, in a good way throughout the book.

“Weak sprite” (p 8) denotative- frail fairy, pixie connotative- Someone who used to be able to grant wishes, but is now too weak.

This word is important because in the beginning of the book, Artemis needs to find a sprite to get information.

“Confidence is ignorance” ( p 44) denotative- faith is foolishness connotative- If you are too confident, you will become ignorant

These words are important because when Holly was going to defeat a troll, everyone was wishing her luck and boosting her confidence, but her friend said that that was was making her ignorant. (two words)

“Penetrating scream” (p 57) denotative- sharp shout connotative- Loud scream that could be heard from far away.

This word is important because after Holly defeated the troll, it screamed and alarmed all of the people around and made them notice Holly.

“Consummate professional” (p 70) denotative- exemplary worker with a profession connotative- Someone with...

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