Artemis Fowl By: Eoin Colfer Essay

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Artemis Fowl is a book about a boy named Artemis Fowl who is a twelve year old boy and a criminal genius mastermind. He is also a millionaire because of his father who started the family business. His father was on a mission and had gotten killed. He was aboard the ship Fowl Star when it was bombed by the Russian mafia. Artemis's mother was Angeline Fowl. When Angeline heard about what happened to her husband she went very sick. She refused to go anywhere but her room and she hated the sun.One very close friend that Artemis had in the whole world was Butler. Butler was Artemis Fowl's bodyguard. He protected and watched over Artemis and even went on missions with Artemis. Butler worked with Artemis since he was a baby. Artemis Fowl was trying to figure out how he could find fairy gold! On the Internet, Artemis made a web page that said he would pay one million dollars for the first person who could tell him where the fairy healer was. The only person that answered was Nyguyen Xuan. He told Artemis where the fairy healer was who had the book The Fairy Bible. The fairy was very drunk because she had a bit too much beer and couldn't stop Artemis so he went inside and said he would give the fairy a healing potion to help her revive from being drunk. In return he would look at the fairy's book and copy some words. Later on Artemis...

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