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Arthritis Relief During Winter Weather Essay

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Arthritis Relief During Winter Weather

Winter is here once again and along with it is the frequent flare ups experienced by some weather sensitive arthritic sufferers. Though there is limited scientific evidences proving that weather causes arthritis to act up, numerous patients are complaining that it indeed causes them severe pain and inflammation that normal. It has been recorded that 70% of those suffering from arthritis are weather-sensitive, which makes them prone to pain and inflammation during winter. Here are several tips that can help in relieving symptoms of arthritis especially during winter:

Dress warmly
For some people suffering with arthritis, winter weather can bring unnecessary inconveniences. Dressing warmly is one way to alleviate the pain caused by the change of weather. When going outdoors, make sure you are wearing loose layers. Wear mittens or gloves to protect your hands as well. Warm socks and waterproof boots are also a must since this will protect your feet from getting wet or damp. If you opt to wear dresses or skirts, try to wear it over leggings or tights to keep your knees and legs from getting too cold.

Eat Healthy
Food plays a stupendous role in helping you to overcome arthritis flare ups during the winter. By choosing to eat healthy, you’ll be able to manage the symptoms allowing you more time to enjoy the cold weather. Load up with foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin K, D and C. These essential nutrients are proven to be helpful in alleviating pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids includes salmon, flax seeds, walnuts, sardines and halibut. For the vitamin K-enriched foods, you can take dark leafy greens, scallions, Brussel sprouts, broccoli and numerous spices such as chili powder, curry cayenne and paprika. Vitamin D is naturally made by the body through sun exposure but most people tend to avoid the sun resulting in vitamin K deficiency thus incorporating foods high in with this vital nutrient is a must. You can find this in several foods such as cod liver oil, fish, oysters, fortified soy products and eggs. Vitamin C, which is a key ingredient in making our bones and teeth strong can be found in numerous foods like tomatoes, bell peppers, fresh herbs such as parsley and thyme, kiwi fruits...

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