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Arthur Stringer School Yard Observation: A Study Of Child Interactions

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Running head: OBSERVATIONArthur Stringer School Yard ObservationMohemmed El-AloulHSB 4M1Mrs. HarperSeptember 24, 2004AbstractWhy is it that some children will imitate certain behaviors, while other will simply ignore it and keep doing what they are doing? To understand children's behavior they must be observed in their natural environment with out the interruption on any authoritarian that might change their behavior, to obtain an understanding on which factors affects their behavior and/or personality. Is it the way that some children learn through imitation, the way that they are raised by their parents, or are they simply born with certain traits and they cannot help how they act.Arthur Stringer School Yard Observation During the thirty minute observation of the children from Arthur Stringer Public school, one particular boy stood out from the rest of the group, Flash, was the name given to him because of his speed, and endless energy. He was dressed in a yellow shirt and yellow shorts; at first glance he looked like a normal child that was enjoying his lunch hour with the other children. However Flash, soon ceased playing and began to observe a group of relatively older children who were playing in an aggressive manner, after failed attempts to join the older group, possibly because of the age difference between him and the rest of the group. Flash began to exhibit signs of aggressive and violent behavior towards another child, violent in the way of rough housing and pretend fighting. Why is it that before observing the older group Flash was playing peacefully with the other children, but his behavior changed soon after he observed the older group rough house with each other? During the early years of life, human behavior is learned through imitation, and through a process of trial and error, with a tremendous amount of stress on the way the parents rear their children. This could be the reason that our young subject Flash, began to demonstrate signs of aggressive behavior after observing the older kids rough house. That could have been Flash's first time observing such behavior, and children being naturally curious he wanted to try it, which explains his attempts in joining the group. When his attempts to join the group failed, he went off and formed his own group to rough house with. Similar behavior has been demonstrated using experiments, such as the "Bobo doll" experiment performed by Alfred Bandura, where children were shown films of people pelting the doll with stones, then children were placed with the Bobo and they imitatively began to pelt it with stones (Bain, et al, 2002, p.21). Flash's behavior shows that young children's ability to learn is largely based on imitation whether it is an acceptable or unacceptable behavior, the child will most likely carry it out, unless he is told not to by an authoritative figure such as a parent or teacher. However this does not fully explain why Flash became aggressive and other...

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