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When looking back at the medieval ages, one may realize that the knights had many extraordinary abilities- they were like superheroes. In different Arthurian Legends, like The Crowning of Arthur, Arthur Becomes King, and Sir Launcelot du Lake, many people admire the person who has these inhumane abilities. Arthur and Sir Launcelot are both characters that initially seem like ordinary people, but show their superior strength and power by the end of the story. Arthur releases a sword from a stone that not even the strongest man can pull out, while Sir Launcelot murders a knight who is known to be an undefeated fighter. Because of these actions, both characters grew to fame. Sir Thomas Malory and T. H. White use unique abilities to exhibit the theme that one should never underestimate who they are and their capabilities in doing something.
In the story, The Crowning of Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory, Arthur shows an unrealistic ability of strength. While everyone in the town was at a jousting tournament, Arthur, who was known as a peasant, went to fetch his brother’s sword because it was left at home. Since everyone was at the fight, the lodging doors were locked. Arthur did not want to leave his brother hopeless, so he decided to ride to Saint Paul’s because he heard there was a sword that was wedged in a stone there. With nobody being present, Arthur pulled the sword from the stone without reading any of the signs that were posted. When he gave the weapon to his brother, Arthur was informed he was now the King of Britain because he was able to remove it, something that only the true born king could do (Malory, The Crowning of Arthur 1069). Arthur started as a peasant and grew to be king because of his ability to be able to pull out the sword. As previously said, not even the strongest man on Earth could release this sword free of the boulder. Therefore, underlining the theme to never underestimate who you are as a person. Arthur originally thought he was a foster child who would grow to be a Wart, but he ended up growing to be the King of Britain.
Next, Arthur shows unbelievable power in T. H. White’s story, Arthur Becomes King. In this story, it elaborates how Arthur acts as a king. Allowing this turning point to occur, Arthur releases the sword from stone. During the pulling process, animals began to speak to him (T. H. White 755-757). This exhibits a very strange ability. Arthur displays an underlying ability to connect, as well as communicate, with...

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