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Arthurian Legends Effects On English Society

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What role did the great King Arthur play in the way English Literature is perceived? The Arthurian Legends reveal King Arthur as a chivalrous king and not as a historical figure but as a myth of mass amounts of achievements. From his search of the Holy Grail, to his perfect society in Camelot and his development of the Round Table, King Arthur’s legend displayed his heroic character. Through the many countless legends of the glorious King Arthur, England’s society underwent a drastic change in the outlook on life. With the influences of King Arthur came an extreme change in philosophies and lifestyles. Countless situations on how exactly the people of England altered their views on life were they became more cultivated and highly intellectual amongst themselves. The majority of the English society felt the need to escape the strenuous lifestyle that the Industrial Revolution brought upon. The Arthurian Legends was an effect of the Romantic Era and resulted in the abstract thinking, and the beautiful arts such as music, paintings, poems, and stories. The birth of the Arthurian Legends came from Celtic mythology and medieval romance and the existence of the presence of magic confirm the conception of artistic intellect. Whether or not King Arthur truly existed the ideas of him dramatically changed the English society and English Literature to its current form. The Arthurian Legend has proven to be extremely influential and benefited the people of England during the Romantic Era. Therefore, even if he is a fictional figure of English history King Arthur’s childhood, his countless glorious achievements as the king of Camelot, the final down fall of his strong empire King Arthur validated his importance to English literature. The establishment of if King Arthur actually existed would prove and maybe solidify the impact he had on the English culture (Arthurian Legends Vol. 1).
The early childhood of King Arthur proved to be the great beginnings of the epic journey of his life. Even though his achievements as a child were brief it was extremely important to the outlook of the type of character that King Arthur possesses. The optimistic squire, King Arthur, had hopes of one day becoming more than what he was got his wish when he unknowingly pulled the magical sword out of the stone. There are two different stories of how the King Arthur really gained his power and crown. “Arthur becomes king by gaining possession of the enchanted sword Excalibur. There are two versions of how Arthur gets the sword. In one, Excalibur is in a stone, and all believe that whoever can pull the sword from the stone will be the true king. Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and claims the throne. In the other version, Arthur is given the sword by the ”Lady of the Lake” (a water spirit probably of ancient Celtic origin)” (Arthurian Legends Vol. 1). However, the way he received his power this situation sealed the fate and verified the destiny at which was bestowed...

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