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Romantic Heroes In Arthurian Legends Essay

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Arthurian Legends Essay

Intellectual, mysterious, extraordinary. The qualities of a romantic hero influence an Arthurian Legend. An Arthurian legend is the tale of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Because these are pieces of Romantic literature, Arthurian Legends contain romantic heroes. The Crowning of Arthur, Arthur Becomes King, and Sir Launcelot du Lake are all Arthurian Legends that contain romantic heroes. The Crowning of Arthur refers to what happened before King Arthur was conceived, after he was delivered, and how he legitimately became King Arthur. While Arthur Becomes King is about what he did to become ruler, Sir Launcelot du Lake is about an adventure with one of the knights of the round table, Sir Launcelot du Lake. These three Arthurian Legends have a theme in common. White and Malory uses the protagonist’s chivalry in order to show that when someone has bravery, they will overcome many situations.
The Crowning of Arthur, by Sir Thomas Malory, utilizes the protagonist’s bravery to show the theme, and King Uther shows bravery in this example. In the story, while King Uther becomes sick, enemies overrun the kingdom, causing many losses as they progress. Merlin predicts that the soldiers can be inspired by the existence of King Uther himself on the battlefield, and he can be carried on a stretcher. The army met with the opponent at proceed to the battlefield. King Uther properly showed up on a stretcher. While the soldiers were inspired, they defeated the enemy with the help of Sir Brastius and Sir Jordanus.(Malory, The Crowning of Arthur 1068). This demonstrates how King Uther, the protagonist, is brave. He was heroic enough to go to the battlefield, even though he was very sick. Chivalry, which is the affection for something, or act of kindness, made Uther brave. Because he loved his kingdom, he certainly did not want it to be overthrown. The theme connects to this situation. When someone has bravery, like King Uther, they will overcome many situations, similar to his soldiers conquering the enemies.
The Arthurian legend, Arthur Becomes King by T.H. White, also expresses the theme with chivalry. In the Arthurian Legend, Arthur feeels bad for his foster brother, Sir Kay, because Sir Kay forgot his sword. Athur walks about and finds a silent churchyard at the end of the street, with a cube in front of the door of the church. In the middle of the cube there is an anvil on top of it, and a new sword sticks in the anvil. Arthur pulls out the sword (White, Arthur Becomes King 755). While Arthur has the bravery, he tugs out the sword, although he thinks it was a memorial of a war. Bravery was present in this part of the story. Chivalry is used to help Arthur’s bravery. Arthur wanted to act generously to those in need, and Sir Kay was in need. Arthur becomes brave with...

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