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Noches de Observaciones Astronómicas¿Tienes un telescopio y nunca haz tenido la oportunidad de usarlo?¿Quieres aprender a sacar fotografías con tu telescopio (astrofotografía)?¿Buscas una actividad nueva y divertida para ti o tu familia?Acompáñanos en nuestras noches de observaciones astronómicas, no importa tu edad o que no tengas telescopio. Tenemos 4 años de experiencia realizando estas actividades y te garantizamos que te divertirás y aprenderás sobre el origen del universo, como nacen y mueren las estrellas, que son las galaxias y los agujeros negros, sobre historia de la astronomía y los aspectos técnicos de las observaciones con verdaderos astrónomos profesionales.Recuerden que hay menos astrónomos profesionales que jugadores de fútbol soccer profesionales. Así que conocer a un astrónomo es más difícil que conocer a un jugador de fútbol.Contamos con varios telescopios, entre ellos un telescopio Schmidt-Cassegrain de 8 pulgadas computarizado que nos permite realizar observaciones espectaculares de planetas y nebulosas.Las noches de observación las realizamos los fines de semana en centros vacacionales para toda la familia, cerrados y con seguridad las 24 horas, como "La Malinche" (Tlaxcala) o "Metepec" (Puebla), a un par de horas de la Ciudad de México. La convocatoria se lanza semanas antes de la observación, definiendo el lugar y la fecha. El registro se hace en línea o en nuestras oficinas y se puede reservar con el 50% de anticipo (no reembolsable en caso de cancelación por parte del participante). Tenemos las opciones de rentar un cuarto de hotel, una cabaña o acampar al aire libre.Las observaciones comienzan alrededor de las 9:00 pm y se pueden extender toda la noche.La noche de observación incluye:Cuarto de hotel/Cabaña/Zona de campamento en el centro vacacional.Curso de introducción a la astronomía...

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Article Critique Essay

838 words - 4 pages In this paper, I will conduct an analytical review of Wonsuk Chang’s article “Confucian Person in the Making”. In my analytical review I will answer the following questions: - What is his argument/thesis? Was it stated clearly? Did I have to hunt for it, for example? - How well did he go about supporting his thesis? Were appropriate methods used? Did his approach make sense? Any errors? - What evidence did he present to support his

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1231 words - 5 pages prove that Rome’s culture is not how it seems, historian Paul Veyne published “Pleasure and Excess in Roman Empire” to explain to the audience more about the culture they are not fully aware of in the article. But how well does Veyne’s explanation in his book hold any weight and do explain these facts rather well? At a first glance of the story Veyne seems to organize his topic paragraphs topically and breaks them down before moving to the next

Article Analysis

920 words - 4 pages Sherry Turkle, narrator of "The Flight from Conversation," wrote the article to inform readers on how technology has constructed a barrier between human interactions. Not much is known about the writer except that she is a psychologist and professor at M.I.T. She organizes the article by stating facts, stating her opinion, giving examples, and then ends it by encouraging the audience to make an effort to converse without the use of technology

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768 words - 4 pages Honesty is a quality valued and encouraged by society. Dishonesty can cause conflict of varying proportions, from misunderstandings between teachers and students to a violation of the law. In “How I Helped Teacher Cheat” by Dave Tomar, the issue presented is the innate dishonesty of the American education system. The remnant of childish idealism left in me was dismayed by the article, but a more rational part of my brain responded with

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605 words - 3 pages The article I chose to use was "Relationships Matter: Linking Teacher Support to Student Engagement and Achievement." This article discussed how the relationship of the teacher and student positively affected the students engagement in the classroom and their academic success. The sample included 1,846 elementary school students and 2,430 secondary school students and their teachers. The students were given an RAPS-S questionnaire, (Research

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544 words - 2 pages Article RebuttalBCOM/275September 30th, 2013University of Phoenix Running head: ARTICLE REBUTTAL 1 ARTICLE REBUTTAL 3 In a recent article, published by the Globe and Mail news, and written by Gavin Jones and Stephen Jewkes (Jones & Jewkes, 2013) for political crisis in Italy, the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano wants to solve political crisis without new votes and make the Italian Government more stable and solid, after what

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1149 words - 5 pages CHD 120Article Review Format (Please attach article/ Keep a copy for your records)Developmentally Appropriate PracticeDirections: Read 1 current article from a professional publication related to developmentally appropriate practice and write a review and application paper using the format below. Name: Cecily Salvador Publishing Information: Author(s): Joan Almon Title of Article: The value of Play in Early Education and how to get teaches on

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1449 words - 6 pages school work. This development in the media access is more opinionated, because the writers not only write true facts but also include their own views and it affects the reader’s opinion and thoughts too about a particular news. The article that will be used as an example for analysing is : "Boarding School: Why China's talent factory threatens Tom Daley's dream?" written by Jonathan McEvoy. This article is available both in the newspaper The Daily

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782 words - 4 pages Introduction In 2006, an article was published by three doctoral students, (Tricia Seifert, Jerri Drummond, and Ernest Pascarella) at the University of Iowa, highlighting a research study undergone by the three concerning the role of institutional types, with emphasis on historically black colleges (HBC’s) in African-American students’ experiences. The findings, as published in the Journal of College Student Development showed that students

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1065 words - 4 pages product needs to be reviewed. Changing the price structure for the product is likely to have an impact on the amount of product that would be sold once the change is implemented. This change is called elasticity, and is determined by dividing the percent change in the quantity sold by the percent change in price.A January 2001 article in the Business Communications Review on the telecommunications industry discusses both utility and elasticity for

Article Evaluation

2155 words - 9 pages Introduction This assignment is aimed at evaluating the article from existing basis of theories, research methods to researchers’ findings. It is structured as followed. The assignment will briefly describe the paper which is going to be evaluated at first, and then state the main theoretical framework of the article combining with its theoretical underpinning. Followed by that, the whole research design and the use of methods which were

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636 words - 3 pages David DeVito and Nate Rempe in the article “Textbook insights: What is in store for the college bookstore” talk about their study on the students’ tendency to buy used textbooks online. They made several statements as a result of their research: - the college textbooks remains very important for the students; - today’s students still prefer shopping in bookstores, but they are not afraid to go online to purchase books; - the college students

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747 words - 3 pages Fastest Growing Occupations This review will critique the article ‘Fastest Growing Occupations’ by Daniel E. Hecker in the journal Monthly Labor Review in the book Everyday Arguments by Katherine Mayberry (Mayberry, 2009). The brief analysis of the articles author, the point of view, and the evidence provided to prove a claim, is the evidence factual, and sources utilized. Finally the conclusion will be my viewpoint on the article and my

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1101 words - 5 pages Article Evaluation Trever Gannon I believe the reason this was made is to provide a reason and solution for why people don’t exercise. They go for a wide range of topics such as ethnicity to modern technology. The author mainly targets people in their adulthood but it can be applied to people at a younger age. The author seems to be addressing most adults but to read and comprehend this article you must have an above average reading level

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911 words - 4 pages Biology Article A new study in diabetes research finds a possible cure for diabetes by creating a gene mutation. Give your thoughts, tell what the article is about. Explain this article and how it relates to biology, and which topic in the textbook relates to this article. What was the reason this article was interesting to you. How does this article relate to you? Discuss how the scientific topic relate to you. Discuss how the research on