Article Analysis: How The Media Keeps Us Hung Up On Body Image By Shari Graydon

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Everyone care about beauty and media comes in the way to for its interest by using body image as a tool which only exists in people’s mind. It is unbelievable that how media is blamed for its actions. In the article, “How the Media Keeps Us Hung Up on Body Image” by Shari Graydon, the author claims that women are suffering from unhealthy and harmful disorders due to media influence. As strength, Graydon raises the attention of the readers by giving information on how media is affecting women through the usage of celebrities, professionals and researches’ data. However, Graydon’s argument unpersuasive because the author uses radical evidences to manipulate the readers, also blames only to the media regardless of other factors and the solutions to protect the people against the media are ineffective.
The first weakness in Graydon’s article is using unusual evidences and manipulating the information to persuade the readers towards blaming the media. Graydon raises the readers’ attention by using evidences of models and celebrities deaths, data from research studies and Television shows. Graydon uses examples of celebrities and models that died from cosmetic surgeries and eating disorders as stories to engage the readers and make them believe that media is harmful. However, there are many problems with the use of such evidences. First the examples of models do not represent ordinary women. Instead the examples are extremes cases of women whose main job which is to be concerned with their appearance. In addition, these models need to have such thin bodies in order to have a successful career. Their deaths may be related to their jobs, but not to the influence of media. Also, the author uses research studies conducted by authentic sources such as parts of interviews with director of National Eating Disorder Information Center and a study published in Canadian Medical Association Journal in order to persuade the readers. Graydon states the director said eating disorders has the highest deaths rate among other types of psychologically related disorders (19). Graydon tries to prove that eating disorders are increasing and women are dying as a result of the media influence. However, the studies she mentions do not say that the media caused such an effect. Also, Graydon uses the data from research from journal which states almost 33% of young adult women are trying to solve their concern with weight problems by dieting and 10% of these women have health problem related with dieting (19). Again, Graydon tries to show the readers that these young women are dieting and developing health problems because of the media, but the data from the study did not mention anything related with exposure or influence of media on these women. Therefore, it is clear that Graydon is manipulating the information by making the readers believe media is behind all of disorders and health problems among women. Also, Graydon said that TV shows such as...

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