Article Analysis: Why It’s Important That My Sons Are Popular

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As I have made my journey to complete middle school and start high school I have grown drastically as a person. In sixth and seventh grade all I wanted to do was fit in and be part of the popular group. I tried so hard to like popular bands and wear trendy clothes but I was always missing something. Still, I was persistent to become a junior celebrity. During the summer after seventh grade I had a rude awakening. I took summer school so I could be in honors math in eighth grade. That summer I met Audrey. After inviting me to sit with her at lunch we became the best of friends. She seemed perfect to me. Her hair was long and blonde and she had big blue eyes fluttering with charcoal black mascara and were carved out from the rest of her flawless face with black eyeliner. Her life seemed perfect too. She had had tons of boyfriends before and went to parties and her parents let her do almost anything she wanted to. One day we went to a carnival together and she gave a makeover. I was so excited to look just like a human raccoon and have stick straight hair with no volume because I looked just like her. At the carnival I hung out with her other popular friends. I had finally achieved my dream but I soon realized that I didn’t like it. It wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn’t fun at all. I felt like a stupid clone. I decided to change my attitude and not focus on my social life anymore. Now, I have nearly completed my freshmen year in high school and I am still improving myself as a person. I look back at eighth grade and realize I could have been kinder to some people like a girl named Kristina who I am now very good friends with. I have cleansed my life of bad friends who bullied other people and me, brought in new ones, and got closer to the friends I kept. This is why when my English teacher introduced the big question assignment to us at the beginning of the year I chose “Is popularity important?” because a lot of people at Tuscarora care so much about their social life but it’s not the thing that should be most important to them.
Popularity is about fitting in and being well liked by other people. When people want to be popular they try to fit into the cookie cutter that is the image of perfect just like Jesselin Rodriguez, a girl who started of elementary school with knowledge that education is important but that knowledge quickly faded away when she attended middle school. She tried to fit in and keep her friends by slacking off in school, skipping class, and pretending she was dumb even though she knew she wasn’t. She “did enough [homework] to pass” but she would turn the work in after class was finished because if her friends found out she did work they would say “What are you doing work for? What, you think you’re better than us?” (Rodriguez) The cause of wanting to be liked by peers is when puberty starts and pre-teens and young teens feel socially as well as physically awkward. To be well...

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