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In a recent article, published by the Globe and Mail news, and written by Gavin Jones and Stephen Jewkes (Jones & Jewkes, 2013) for political crisis in Italy, the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano wants to solve political crisis without new votes and make the Italian Government more stable and solid, after what Silvio Berlusconi made.Silvio Berlusconi, ex Italian Prime Minister, pulled his ministers out of the parliament, and he is putting down the recent Government of Prime Minister Enrico Letta, leaving the Italian economy in chaos (Barry, 2013)."Do people believe the President Giorgio Napolitano is trying to help Italy crisis?" "How people can give credibility to his statement after years of decline?"Before to say anything that could not prove the falsity of his statement there are few things and articles that describe how the President Giorgio Napolitano and the Italian government is just persuading Italian citizens to believe in dreams instead of nightmares. He has been doing it for seven long years.Giorgio Napolitano is the president of the Italian Republic since 2006 (Italian Republic, 2013), and as such, he has no power of what the government is doing against the Italian citizens.According to "Constitution of the Italian Republic" (1947), "The President of the Republic is the Head of the State and represents national unity" (Art. 87). This could seems something reassuring for Italian citizens. However, the true is that reading the constitutional power of the president (Constitution of the Italian Republic, 1947, Art.87-91), it is evident and very clear that the president has no power to avoid new votes because is the parliament to have this power.In the last seven years of his presidency, five governments have fallen causing a...

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