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Article Reflections On Prevelence Of Mood Disorders

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Change of moods is a common occurrence but some are drastic and lead to intense fluctuations in activity and energy levels. Such changes call for medical interventions. Patients of bipolar disorder risk their schoolwork, safety, health and jobs and constitute approximately 5.7 million adult Americans (The Huffington Post, 2014). Major depression is characterized by a long period of sadness. It makes people lose sleep and experience eating disorders and affects approximately 14.8 million adult Americans. Combined genetic, psychological and environmental factors are likely to cause depression (The Huffington Post, 2014). This information on the prevalence of bipolar disorder and depression was carried out by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).
Mood disorders are common and have devastating results such as suicide, disease and poor life quality (Qureshi and Al-Bedah, 2013, p.639). Despite the high prevalence, very few patients respond fully to medical and psychological interventions meant to lower its risk. About thirty to forty percent of depression patients respond to psychotherapeutic and pharmacological intervention (Qureshi and Al-Bedah, 2013, p.639). Since it is common among the population, research and studies have been carried out on how to efficiently curb mood disorders. Combinations of drugs and therapy have been used in some cases in a bid to cure mood disorders. Some of the successful interventional activities include light therapy, acupuncture, yoga, sleep deprivation, Rhodiola rosea and mindfulness therapies (Qureshi and Al-Bedah, 2013, p.639). Mood disorders change with time in their symptoms and epidemiological trends making it difficult to find a lasting conventional cure. Therefore, most patients prefer complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) since it is the safest, most cost-effective and withstood by patients with mental and physical disorders (Qureshi and Al-Bedah, 2013, p.640).
About 154 million people suffer from mood disorders in the whole world (Qureshi and Al-Bedah, 2013, p.640). Depression, which is a common mood disorder, has devastating consequences. Currently, it is the third main source of disability (Qureshi and Al-Bedah, 2013, p.640). Major depression is rampant among the low socioeconomic groups, the uneducated, single and divorced people, and those who lack a closely-knit family. It leads patients into antisocial behaviors and lowers their life expectancy. Some of the common mood disorders include bipolar and unipolar depression, sub-syndromes, mixed syndromes, and mania (Qureshi and Al-Bedah, 2013, p.640). Additional presence of a disease or multiple disorders complicates the diagnosis and management of depression. Psychosocial factors, biological factors and personality disorders strongly influence major depression. There are four systems used to heal major depression; homeostatic, mind-body, conventional, and spiritual (Qureshi and Al-Bedah, 2013, p.640). Herbs are also used in the treatment of...

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