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Article Analysis #1A case of possible fraudulent activity on the part of a small business entrepreneur in the Little Saigon business district has members of the community up in arms. The following analysis of the Little Saigon lawsuit accuses Lee's Sandwiches owner of duping San Jose council, shop owners' (McLaughlin, 2009) article will follow. This paper looks to identify central and secondary problems along with evidence to support the identification of the problems identified. Development and evaluation of conclusions in addition to choosing a conclusion that appears to effectively bring about the desired impact for community members along with short and long range implications will also be discussed.ProblemsThroughout the article claims of unethical behavior are reported against one business owner towards the remaining members of the 'Little Saigon' business community. Reports allege that Henry Huong Le, co-founder of the Lee's Sandwiches chain, cohersed dozens of other business owners to sign a petition that would effectively remove the name of 'Little Saigon' to be replaced by 'Saigon Business District' along Story Road in Silicon Valley, California (McLaughlin, 2009). The underlying central problem in this article focuses on fraudulent petitioning actions in which Vietnamese-American business owners were told that they were singing a petition for security camera, advocating for lions dances, and for the area to be designated as a Vietnamese retail area, no where in the petition was the mention of a name change identified. There are also cases of signature forgery involved in the case. Based on this article it appears that councilwoman Madison Nguyen may have a role in the deception of community members as well, as her appointment to office is possibly being recalled due to this event.Supporting EvidenceEvidence to support the claims of fraudulent activity comes from many of the members from whom signatures were gathered in November 2007. According to information from 92 business owners whose names were listed on the petition, they "did not want outsiders to impose a name to our business area that we do not need and do not want" (McLaughlin, 2009, ¶ 5). These same business owners claim that 'Little Saigon' is the name that they prefer and would not have signed a petition to make any unnecessary changes to that effect. Several business members report a 20 to 30 percent drop in business caused by retaliation from supporters of the 'Little Saigon' name which was inflicted due to false signatures on the petition (McLaughlin, 2009).Options for ResolutionAt this stage in the scenario there are still several options for resolution. Initially, it is imperative for the unethical behavior of Mr. Le to be addressed. Unethical behavior can not be overlooked in any business community or organization and this case is no different. In order to address the unethical behavior outlined Mr. Lee should be fined for his actions and removed from the...

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