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Article Review #2

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In the article, “World view @ Work” Michael Zigarelli brings to the surface an important topic, this topic being the importance of different world views in the workplace. Zigarelli explains that by understanding that their truly is a difference in views and by understanding your individual coworkers personal world view it is easier to cohesively work in the same workplace.
Zigarelli outlines the prominent worldview found in the western work place, Secularism. He then goes on to explain two sub categories of this worldview, Pragmatism, and Empiricism, and outlines the distinctions between the two. First Zigarelli explains that in Secularism asserts that God is unknowable, therefore truth is ...view middle of the document...

I found it intriguing that Zigarelli almost made it sound like secularism was the world view that belonged in the work place and that Christianity was simply a guest in a secularist home, and to assert our own beliefs as the pragmatists or the Empiricists do would be intrusive. I agree that as Christians we should seek to keep the peace in all our relationships, however I also believe that we are to be proud of our lord and savior. This is not to say that we should try and force our beliefs on other but I believe that we ought to be as free to be open about our beliefs as anyone else in the workplace.
I believe that the importance of understanding our co-workers world views in business is that we are able to cater to their way of thinking and therefor work more smoothly. Within the his article Zigarelli gave several examples of how to present a request to a coworker in a way that is specifically tailored to their world view such as giving facts for someone who holds an Empirical view and by giving someone proof that the solution being presented will truly work for someone who holds a pragmatist worldview. I also believe that understanding your coworker’s worldview will enable you to avoid quarrels in the workplace as well as give you common ground that is in both your own worldview and that of someone else’s, therefore giving you and that individual coworker common ground to excel in because it is something that you can agree on.
Pragmatism asserts that “right” is determined by “what works”. This means that a pragmatist will look for a quick fix to a problem while giving little to know thought of long term effects of...

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