Article Review Of What Are Child Care Social Workers Doing In Relation To Infant Mental Health? An Exploration Of Professional Ideologies And Practice Preferences Within An Inter Agency Context.

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Article review ofWhat are child-care social workers doing in relation to infant mental health? An exploration of professional ideologies and practice preferences within an inter-agency contextJohanna Woodcock Ross, Lucy Hooper, Elizabeth Stenhouse and Rod Sheaff.British Journal of Social Work 2009 39(6):1008-1025; doi:10.1093/bjsw/bcn029This paper 'What are child-care social workers doing in relation to infant mental health? An exploration of professional ideologies and practice preferences within an inter-agency context' is written by Johanna Woodcock Ross, Lucy Hooper, Elizabeth Stenhouse and Rod Sheaff. Johanna Woodcock is a lecturer in social work at the University of Plymouth. Lucy Hooper is a research assistant for this study and also a postgraduate of psychology. Dr Elizabeth Stenhouse is a senior lecturer of midwifery research at the University of Plymouth and Rod Sheaff is a professor of health services research, also at University of Plymouth.This paper focuses on infancy, as it is a crucial time to introduce interventions to help reduce later developmental difficulties. Recently policies in the UK have needed to be redesigned to account for the infant mental health issues across the four tiers of the NHS. This paper explores whether social workers in the UK have the knowledge, ideological beliefs and professional acculturation to carry out the changes in their practice. Its other main focus alongside this is 'what are child-care social workers doing in relation to infant mental health'.For this paper there was a lot of research carried out to see if social workers did have the knowledge, ideological beliefs and professional acculturation to carry out the changes in their practice. The research took place in a NHS Primary care trust (PCT) in an urban local authority. It used multi-method approaches to redesign the framework of mental health issues of under five year olds. This study was also part of a larger nationwide study due to be completed in 2009. Before the research could take place there was an interview guide set up by a group of professionals including a social worker, a psychologist and a midwife. They agreed that the 'infant 'should refer to babies and children from conception to the age of five. Also the words 'mental health' would mean emotional and behavioural difficulties and psychological well-being. There were four focus groups sessions that took place. Three of these sessions included professionals such as, midwifes, health visitors and social workers, while the fourth group involved primary mental health workers, a member of psychology services, an early years advisory teacher, a sure start worker and an early years worker. Ethical approval for this research to go ahead was granted by the eastern multi-centre research committee.The results of this research were much conclusive, that social workers don't have the knowledge, ideological beliefs and professional acculturation to carry out the changes in their practice....

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