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Article Review One Article Being Reviewed: “Co Teaching In The Esl Classroom”

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Article Review OneArticle being reviewed: "Co-teaching in the ESL Classroom"By: Lauryn BoorsteinECED232: Child Development and CognitionProfessor Dr. Nurun N. BegumSeptember 23, 2010Article Review OneIn the Article "Co-teaching in the ESL classroom", you will learn that classrooms are no longer a place for one instructor and thirty students; there are new models of teaching on the rise. Mainstream educators are making use of these new models known as co-teaching. Initially, co-teaching was defined as a collaboration effort between a mainstream teacher and a special education teacher. The two teachers combine their intellectual capacity and expertise to deliver content and instruction to a mainstream classroom setting. The reward of this program is exceptional not only for the students, but for the educators also. Co-teaching, allows the mainstream teacher the chance to work with all types of students, and allows the special education teacher the opportunity to see their students succeed in a mainstream classroom setting. However, now the meaning of co-teaching expanded, English Language Learners (ELL) increased dramatically in many schools causing, the English as a second Language (ESL) program an important aspect to co-teaching.Authors, Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria Dove demonstrate their beliefs on how Co-teaching in an ESL classroom is valuable for teachers and students. The author's express their main points by modifying Vaughn, Schumm, and Arguelles five co-teaching models suitable for the ESL program curriculum. The Co-teaching models demonstrate to educator's five helpful lesson tips that mainstream and ESL teachers can use together in their Co-taught classrooms. The five models from Honigsfeld and Dove's article...

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