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Article Review: “Records Management And Data Management: Closing The Gap”

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On 6 August 1991, Tim Berners-Lee portray a ”WorldWideWeb” as a project that has a purpose on allowing links to be made to any information anywhere. As for the libraries, web is known as a network based system to be pressed into service and yet common tools for communication. Early library web normally contain several document created in HTML (HyperText Markup Language which is a format based on SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language). Hypertext is known as easy way to publish a system of links. It usually uses to inform a library hours and services and information on how to access OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).
CGI common getaway interface is a web server that has been ...view middle of the document...

Many major aspects of the library’s web offerings are no longer necessarily the domain of the system librarian. If the system system librarian could not make a final decision, Web manager and designers are usually been request to help integrate a large and growing amount of local and remote resources into library’s web offerings. The integration may be carry off using scripting languages such Perl and. Both tools provide the plumbing to tap into the web for delivering services with “low barrier” adoption requirements. It is either on CGI Programming or Supplying Functionality for processing content like a large amount of text to make it more suitable for web delivery.
In general, web technologies are much easier to publicize and share than the workaround and tool built prior to the web. The Perl module for processing URL-based resources is regularly useful to the corporation selling products. It may originate with the developers that would not have dreamed that their creations will be useful to libraries. In addition, the rise and popularity of Open Source Software (OSS) which drives much of the web has also given a force for developers to share more than before.
There are consequences of using web and Internet in library. One of the consequences of both the web and the Internet is that many of the library’s resources may now live outside of the library’s wall and minimize the numbers of hoops required for users to get a resource. Linking issues for libraries tend is divided into two major areas. The first common method is ensuring that users are given access to remote resource is through IP authentication. This method uses the address to or range of addressed associated with the library. System librarians now often find themselves managing or facilitating the use of a “proxy” or “reverse proxy” mechanism to allow users of different networks to access content that has been licensed for the library’s user community which based on IP addresses or ranges. Proxies are system that retrieve content from the supplying vendor or service or hand it over to the user’s application. Most common proxy is browser. Another common method of authentication is “referrer’ program where the library authenticates a patron and then passes them on the remote services. The server in turn, check that the patron is coming from the referrer’s address and so allow access to the licensed resources(Kambistch,1999). The authorization framework, Shibboleth, represents the next generation of authentication and a good example of the Open Source collaborative environment that the Internet has promote. Internet is a consortium being led by 200 universities and Shibboleth has been developed to work like a referrer system with more granularity built in for access control. Shibboleth and other initiatives associated with the Internet2 could result in a widely deployed toolkit endorsed by the academic and research communities for tackling problems
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