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This paper will discuss a business dispute between Intel and AMD brought through the hurt of consumers by illegally coercing computer makers to use the chips. It will identify the legal issue in dispute as well as the legal process that was used to resolve the issue, and how that process fits into the court structure. Then it will explain the civil and criminal aspects of the dispute. The paper will then compare and contrast possible outcomes if the dispute could be heard in both a criminal and a civil case, while addressing the differences between these types of actions."New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has served Intel and AMD with demands for information he'll use as he tries to show that Intel stifled competition and hurt consumers" (BusinessWeek, 2008). Coumo alleged that Intel shut out AMD through "rebates, punitive pricing, and exclusive contracts" (BusinessWeek, 2008). This action taking place adds to Intel's problems as they also face antitrust inquiries in a private lawsuit brought by AMD in U.S. federal courts since 2005. Not yet made formal, Intel is also being investigated for their anticompetitive behavior.A different individual specializing in antitrust and commercial litigation believes "predatory pricing and exclusive dealing are a tough case under U.S. law" (BusinessWeek, 2008). Intel will only be susceptible to these charges if opponents can prove that predatory pricing was manipulated in a way that pushed AMD out of the market; however, AMD continues to be in the market. When AMD captured the market, Intel "improved its technology [to] recover shares" unlawfully in that "U.S. antitrust laws permits a company to hold an outsize share of the market [as] long as it doesn't use power to limit competition" (BusinessWeek, 2008). According the U.S. court of appeals, "intentional deception of a private standard-setting organization, when used to acquire or maintain monopoly power, can be an illegal monopolistic practice". Thus, Intel's monopolistic practice of using anticompetitive behavior against AMD is bringing charges to...

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Research Article Summary Essay

672 words - 3 pages The tittle of the article that is being summarized is “How Attributional Ambiguity Shapes Physiological and Emotional Responses to Social Rejection and Acceptance”. The article is about four students whom in their research; explored how social rejection and acceptance are perceived, are responded to, and affect an ongoing social interaction between same-race or different-race interaction partners. In other words the article is about how people

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526 words - 2 pages PerceptionThe author through this article has clearly understood and revealed the reasons for the poor language education curriculum. He believes that the Indonesian students are left behind due to the lack of variety and process in the their curriculum. The author also mentions reconstructing the perception of the essence of the language education, especially on the part of teachers, bureaucrats and college professors. The article also

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1016 words - 4 pages Pursuing the value-conscious consumer: Store brands versus national brand promotions Journal of Marketing; New York; Jan 2001 Kusum L Ailawadi; Scott A Neslin; Karen Gedenk The study presented in the article tries to determine if national brand promotion is in direct competition against store brands because both share the same distribution channel. Thus, the main question is: are manufacturers and retailers rather competitors or partners? The

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768 words - 3 pages The article chosen to summarize technology and workplace stress highlights "information technology and the role it is playing in reshaping organizations" and will emphasize three main points: a) the impacts of workplace stress in the information age; b) the emotional affects from stress and how it spreads throughout an organization; and c) the affects on an individuals immune system due to stress.Technology has become increasingly prevalent in

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929 words - 4 pages First of all Tomas Friedman is trying to say that giving energy and giving the ability to produce energy independently in Africa would end many problems. With Africa producing energy independently that would end the ressecion and Africa’s poverty, both normal and energy poverty. Bringing energy to Africa would not end every problem but it would be the first step. Mr. Friedman is saying that none of the problems can be solved in Africa if there

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609 words - 2 pages ACLU of Illinois Sues Justice Department and Homeland Security Officials over Failure to Release Racial Profiling DataAugust 13,2003The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois asked a federal court to order the release of data that will help the public determine whether federal law enforcement agencies are engaged in racial profiling. On June 9,1999 the president then-President Bill Clinton, ordered "Fairness in Law Enforcement: Data

Summary on NY Times Article titled, 'Fearing a Big Flood, Paris Moves Art'.

673 words - 3 pages the individual museums.However, the museums are not to alarmed, as the government is helping foot some of the expenses occurring with the move ($6 million) and has promised to give them a 72 hour warning of flooding so now they are only moving the large artwork that is too weighty and bulky to easily carry to upper floors.This article caught my eye because it seemed like such a gargantuan undertaking with enormous ratifications. The author did list

Summary of Michael Curtin's article "Murdoch's Dilemma, or What's the price of TV in China?"

599 words - 2 pages According to Michael Curtin's article "Murdoch's Dilemma, or What's the price of TV in China?" Rupert Murdoch acquired Star TV in attempt to create a Pan-Asian media empire but could not overcome the problems associated with such a broad range of a culturally diverse audience and, says curtain, "the logistical demands of competing with local and national television broadcasters". Also the fact that "global satellite systems are grounded by a set

This is a summary of the article, "Moment to Moment at The Met" by Dennis Littky.

565 words - 2 pages Kathryn Kurniawka Article Review and reflection Due: March 31, 2007 The article, Moment to Moment at The Met, was written in conjunction by the administrators of Met High School. They discussed and joined their ideas at their weekly meetings into this article. This high school feels that learning is accomplished through the community and takes place all throughout life, it doesn't end when you graduate. This learning is accomplished through

A summary analysis of the article “Microarray detection of food-borne pathogens using specific probes prepared by comparative genomics.”

1823 words - 7 pages that the amplification of universal genes would not discriminate below species level due to the fact that these genes are highly conserved within the genus. On the other hand, Kim et al. (2008) reported that the developer of the third strategy suggested the use of unbiased amplification techniques that would be suitable for the whole genome and the use of large numbers of probes specific for different pathogens. In the research article by Kim et

Summary of Article Outline and Evaluation of Major Issues. Explanation of Accounting Terms and Data. Relevance and Limitations of Accounting.

1356 words - 5 pages times or business pages of the Straits times or any business magazine (Far Eastern Economic Review, Business Review Weekly, Fortune).a.Select an article which uses accounting terms and data.b.Summarise the content of the article in one paragraph. Outline the point(s) that the writer is trying to make by using the accounting terms and data. Include in your answer an explanation of the accounting terms used and highlight any relevance and limitations

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1614 words - 6 pages Flanking in a Price War Article Summary The article begins by giving a brief analysis of a study that was conducted in Quebec in the early 1980’s involving the grocery industry. It discusses a point of time before the leader in market share, Steinberg, Inc., initiated a price war. One of the authors of the article, Roger J Calantone, was involved in an experiment with one of the smaller grocery chains, IGA. The experiment was designed to

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1211 words - 5 pages In their research article, When Too Much is Not Enough: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder as a Pathology of Stopping, Rather Than Starting,” Hinds, Woody, Ameringen, Schmidt and Szechtman (2012) suggest that obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a stopping problem, or a failure to shut down security-related thoughts and actions. This is in contrast to the popular concept that OCD is a starting problem in which the level of excitation in response to

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664 words - 3 pages purpose of the summary and critique of this article is to engage in asking critical questions and examining some of the ideological assumptions. To verify one understands the message to reduce uncertainty and to ask for confirmation.ReferencesAlwasilah, A.C. (2002). Critical Thinking Crucial to Global Success. JAKARTA POST, 05/02/2002. Retrieved October 15, 2003, from EBSCOhost database (Business Source Premier) on the World Wide Web:

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1024 words - 4 pages Summary and Response"Why We Must Put Up with Porn" by Susan Isaacs The editorial "Why We Must Put Up with Porn" by Susan Isaacs is about pornography and the Constitution. The First Amendment states that we, as American citizens, have the freedom of speech. "To have the speech we love, we must defend the speech we hate," Isaacs voices.Isaacs states in her article, that there is no proof that pornography contributes to criminal behavior