Creating A Strategic Vision Essay

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Creating a Strategic Vision
Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest, in their article “Creating a Strategic Vision,” have expressed their view about organizations’ strategic visions. Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest have worked together for more than fifty years and have provided different kinds of information that organizations may use to perform better within the markets they operate. The authors, in this article, express their view on how mangers should strategize their visions (Sara, 2010). Their format of addressing the issue on strategic vision is unique compare to other articles written by different authors. They expressed their ideas through stating the mistakes that organizations make while strategizing their vision. In addition, they provide strategies on how mangers may avoid making these mistakes. The general writing format in this article is well organized, making it easier for readers to understand the information provided. The article is divided in three sections, the introduction, body and conclusion.
The authors have divided the body of this article in three sections, which are three mistakes managers make in setting their strategic visions. The first section states that managers usually fail to look at their organization’s current vision for relevance and the ways in which the markets have changed. The authors have explained this section in a clear and understandable method, where they have provided different issues through using bullet points (Sara, 2010). The authors’ stated that before preparing any vision for n organization, it is important to understand the past and current visions that the organization had as well as the changes in the market. I agree with the authors that most managers fail to consider the past vision of an organization. From my opinion based on the article, authors should use their past performance to set future goals. For example, managers should use their past vision and their targets to strategize on their future vision and strategies. The authors provided examples of different companies’ strategies such as the Apple and Walmart companies.
In the second body paragraph, the authors analyzed a second mistake that managers make while strategizing their vision. The authors’ general idea in this section is that managers do not question their past performance before strategizing on their vision (Sara, 2010). The authors state that managers should as themselves eight health checks questions relating to their businesses. These questions include what the organization is not doing correctly, what strategies may not be working, what the organization seeks to achieve, what should be avoided, what the organization should eliminate, what should be preserved, additional strategies, and lastly the best steps to use for future purposes. I agree with this concept since managers should set their goals through their future performance. This encourages learning from mistakes and avoiding strategies that did not work in the...

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