Articles Of Confederatin Vs. Us Constitution

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The United States has had two constitutions in its history. The first of the two was the Articles of Confederation, otherwise known as simply the Articles. The Articles were a weak form of central government that barely unified the thirteen United States. The almost immediate failure of the Articles of Confederation led to the Constitutional Convention, where our nation’s new constitution, the United States Constitution, was born. The Constitution is a much stronger and more structured form of central government. It contains some of the same things as the Articles, but it also addresses the weaknesses of them. This is what makes the document so powerful.Although the Articles of Confederation were not all bad, its weaknesses most definitely out shined its strengths. The only branch that the Articles created was the legislative branch, simply known as Congress. Congress carried out the jobs and duties of today’s legislative and executive branches. States could choose however many representatives that wanted to send to Congress. The problem was that each state had only one vote in Congress no matter how many people they sent. This became a major issue since it was hard for the members of the same state to agree on a number of issues. Another huge problem was that a passage of any measure required not a simple 7 vote majority, but instead it required 9 out of 13 votes. Also, the Articles could not be amended unless all 13 states approved the amendment. These two setbacks made it very hard for Congress to get many things accomplished. Another problem with the Articles was that Congress had no power to collect taxes in order to raise money. This was a huge blow to the nation’s economy since they were in so much debt after the closing of the Revolutionary War. The second problem with the economy was that the United States and the States alike each had the power to coin money. Unlike today’s Constitution, there was no executive branch to enforce the acts of Congress or judicial branch to interpret the laws passes by Congress in the Articles. It was all these problems and others that made the founding fathers of our nation realize that if this country was to survive, they either needed to amend the Articles of Confederation, or completely scrap them and create a new Constitution.They first decided to be loyal to their first document and hold a convention to discuss and change the Articles known as the Constitutional Convention. Although the immediate goal of the convention was to amend the Articles, its purpose soon changed to the abandonment of the Articles and the creation of a new Constitution to run the country. All parties realized the fact that Congress needed the authority to collect taxes, that the new Constitution needed an executive and judicial branch, the...

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Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution

839 words - 3 pages in the past had ever tried or succeeded with the ideas of republicanism. America's first constitution was called the Articles of Confederations and it was drafted in 1777. This constitution only lasted for eleven year because the Federalists wanted to strengthen the government. In 1788, the new Federal Constitution was ratified by all the states except North Carolina and Rhode Island. In Document A, James Madison discusses how the "smallest state

Articles of Confederation vs. The Constitution

1063 words - 4 pages required to win an election. If there were no majority, then the House of Representatives would cast one each for each state.In contrast to the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution would give more power to congress, set up a Supreme Court, the powers to tax, borrow and coin money, regulate commerce, and raise armed forces that the Confederation lacked. Furthermore, the Constitution and all national legislation were to be "the supreme law of

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639 words - 3 pages keep one body from controlling much like England. The Articles was in effect until it was replaced by the United States Constitution on March 4, 1789. The Articles of Confederation was the document that gave the United States of America its first governmental structure that unified the 13 colonies that had fought in the American Revolution. Also The Articles gave sovereignty to the states to keep from having a tyrannical government. This again

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521 words - 2 pages , it establishes a Code of ethics for greeting and discussing amongst the Lords, such rules of ethics are lacking in the US Constitution. Other than those, the only other differences are the names of offices and the Absence of any form of Religious Reference in the US Constitution.In Conclusion, Both the United States Constitution and The Iroquois Constitution have Similarities and differences. The Iroquois Constitution Influenced the US Constitution in many ways during its creation. And now I am tired and don't feel like English time anymore so I say bye bye... bye bye!

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1197 words - 5 pages ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION VERSUS CONSTITUTION 2 Articles of Confederation versus ConstitutionThe articles of confederation established on November 15 1977 were United States first constitution. The articles were later ratified by the entire thirteen states on March 1, 1781. It became evident that the articles occasioned loose and weak confederation of the sovereign states and central government respectively. This led to the need of a stronger

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1310 words - 6 pages worthless. Since the government could not regulate trade, other countries placed tariffs and trade restrictions on U.S. goods and the U.S. was not able to respond. Since they did not have a strong navy, this left U.S. merchant ships in danger of getting attacked by pirates. The weakness of the national government to raise an army left the US weak and in danger towards threats. Also, there are many distinctions between the Articles and the Constitution

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762 words - 4 pages Everyone believes that our Founding Fathers were perfect. They always had the right answer and never made any mistakes. What people don’t know is that our Founding Fathers never would have written our Constitution if they did not make a mistake. The Constitution was actually the second document written that was meant to be the “supreme law of the land”. The first document our Founding Fathers created was called the Articles of Confederation. The

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1902 words - 8 pages While the country was just three years old, and was being governed by the weak Articles of Confederation, there were obvious disturbances calling for a new form of government. In 1786, a band of farmers rallied together under the Revolutionary War veteran Daniel Shay. The farmers believed that the Constitution of Massachusetts unfairly took away farmer's lands to settle the debts of the farmers. The rebels marched onto Springfield, Massachusetts

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950 words - 4 pages Bankrupt, and on her knees for solutions, America was in a state of distress. Politicians alike recognized that The Articles of Confederation, adopted in 1777, desperately needed revision as well as modification. Under the Articles, a Continental Congress had been shaped, which was allocated virtually no authority to collect revenue, handle domestic affairs, or control commercial trade. Shortly after the Revolutionary War, America

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676 words - 3 pages *As the title indicates, this is an AP US History essay written for class. The basic gist of the topic was: To what extent were the Articles of Confederation successful.*Enlightenment idealism and political conflict served as a catalyst for war in the mid- and late-1700s. However, as vociferous as calls for freedom were, the effort for liberty was a disorganized one and stability was a problem during and after the American Revolution. The

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The Articles Of Confederation And The Us Constitution

1300 words - 5 pages , a failure of the Articles of Confederation and ultimate creation of the Constitution led to a more successful government that safeguarded the rights of the people.   Works Cited Brackemyre, Ted. 2012. America's first failure at government: The Articles of Confederation. July 17. Accessed Jaunary 19, 2014. Feldmeth, Greg. 1998. Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution

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942 words - 4 pages needed to change. Although the call was originally just for revision, it resulted in a new document, the Constitution. Although the Articles set down a basic government with the idea of a democratic republic, that's all it had: the idea. The basis set for an effective democratic republic was embellished and made to succeed in the Constitution. This demonstrated that the Articles' government wasn't completely flawed, but it certainly wasn't effective.

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759 words - 4 pages government and its function today. The Articles of Confederation and its ideas were strong and powerful in bettering the US and its government. However, the realization of its ideas and an improvement of federal government and states representatives were not successful enough. On the other hand, the government under the Constitution was radically different from the one under the Articles of Confederation. United State's economical, political