Articles Review: Novelty Makes The Heart Grow Fonder And The Man Who Bottled Evolution

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The research article “Novelty Makes the Heart Grow Fonder” by Jeffrey S. Mckinnon and Maria R. Servedio provides clear evidence on the male guppies effect. The study used a hypothesis that aimed to explain the maintenance of variation of mate choice in guppies. The researchers conducted the experiment on guppies, little fishes, which are some of the numerous aquatic species. The male species, popular as poecilia reticulate, have color variation and, for this reason, female guppies have mating preferences based on color variation of the male guppies. From the research, male guppies with rare color pattern have a higher chance of survival than those with a common color in a natural setting. This is because they are less targeted by predators than their counterparts with common colors. Therefore, diverse color variation in guppies affects both natural and sexual selection. The research also focuses on the negative frequency-dependent selection. The researchers conducted a laboratory test and came up with evidence that both the unfamiliar and rare traits of the species affect dependent selection. However, this laboratory experiment lacks a natural setting. Hughes, a researcher, conducts the same experiment in the pool along the stream basing it on a natural setting. He, however, adjusts the frequency of different the male species to come up with significant results. He also ensures that some of the phenotypes are rare in the pool.
In the second research article, “The Man Who Bottled Evolution”, Elizabeth Pennisi, focused on the evolution of some fossils. In the study, she conducted a laboratory experiment using bacteria to understand bacterial evolution. She mainly focused on the fitness of Escherichia coli bacteria during 50,000 generations. For her study, she used twelve identical bacteria (Escherichia coli), which has roughly reproducible evolution. The evolution is also endless in a stable environment according to the documented information. Every day, she would transfer a small...

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