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Artifact Reflection Essay

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Figuring out what job would be a good fit for my interests and personal goals has not been an easy task. I am pretty confident in what I plan on doing in my future. I feel pretty confident that my chosen career path is the one for me. To help show why its a good career path for me, I spent a lot of time researching my , personality, aptitude, and my career.
I chose my senior research paper as my artifact because not only did I put much time and effort into it, I feel it is a good representation of the work I have done in high school. It was a large assignment that I did a lot of research for. I used all of the previous English writing skills that I have learned while in school, and I also ...view middle of the document...

From there, I took my outline and turned it into my paper, and did even more revising. I did all of this from my school laptop, and even got some peer review and response when I wrote my outline. I traded with a couple other students and we gave each other feedback and suggestions. I used multiple internet sources to get information and related them all back to the thesis of my paper. I gathered reliable sources and assessed how I could use each one to benefit my paper. For some of my sources, I found information that accurately depicted myself, and quoted parts of it. For others, I summarized certain parts and implemented them into my paper. I made sure to use many different sources to gain more perspectives and create a well rounded paper.
The entire research project was a learning process for me. It was challenging at times because I had to add components that I had never done in my previous years of schooling such as a counter argument and rebuttal. I made sure to ask my teacher many questions for clarity and inspiration. I wanted to make sure I was understanding everything and completing the assignment to the best of my ability. Also, it was all a very long process. Most of it was not necessarily difficult, but rather required persistence and perseverance. There was much research involved and weeding through irrelevant information to get the important details. I did well on the personality aspect of the paper because I found it very interesting. I took a test on that categorized my personality and gave different characteristics of it. My results fit me very well, so it was easier for me to implement them into my paper. I feel as though I did very well on my paper, but there is always room for improvement. One thing I could improve upon would...

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