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Artifacts Of The Near East Essay

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The Near East harbored some of the earliest civilizations of the early world. The Near east contained a sectioned of land between the Euphrates and the Tigris River. This area was called Mesopotamia. Many different groups of people rose and fell in the near east. One of those groups was called the Assyrians.“By the end of the ninth century BCE, the Assyrians controlled most of Mesopotamia.” The Assyrian rulers at the time would live in large palaces. One city called Kalhu had some of the greatest Assyrian artifacts preserved inside it. One of the throne rooms in this city was guarded by a large stone statue called a lamassus. The lamassus was the guardian or protector of the room they stood in front of.These creatures had “the bearded head of a man, the powerful body of a lion or bull and the wings of an eagle, and the horned headdresses of a god.” This made the lamassus a very important figure to the Assyrian people. “Because they were designed to be viewed frontally and from the side, lamassus seem to have five legs. When seen from the front, two forelegs are placed together and the creatures appear immobile. But when viewed from the side, the legs are shown as vigorously striding.”Most of these statues were twice the size of a person and symbolized strength, power, and wealth of the ruler. The main reason these are so important was the fact that they were used everywhere around important entrance ways. An entrance is the first time you walk into a room, the first impression of that place you are entering. These statues were very powerful idols and artifacts for the Assyrian peoples.Another people that left behind many great artifacts were the Uruk. The Uruk built lavish temples that held statues of gods and goddesses. Leaders of the Uruk people were listed onto a tablet called the Uruk King List. This list was found between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what was once the Babylonian empire. This list contained all the names of the Uruk leaders. It started with Kandalanu (647-627) and ended with Seleucus II Callinicus (246-226/225). This list was one of the earliest forms of recorded history in Mesopotamia.This tablet detailed the reigns of over 20 different kings, and showed that the Uruk people thought it was important to keep track of their history. It is also possible that Uruk people might have made marble faces of leaders to help keep their lives in people memories.How the tablet was organized is rather interesting. There are obverse and reverse sides on the tablet. The symbols written down wrap a full 360 degrees around the tablet and yet each word is distinguishable from the others....

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