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Artifical Heart Essay

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Have you ever met someone that needed a heart transplant? Their heart was failing and the only way that they could continue to live and escape death was to have an operation to transplant their heart. But what if there was not a heart available for them when they required it the most? An artificial heart transplant would be a great option that could save their life. The artificial heart is one of the greatest inventions ever invented.
“Dr. Robert Jarvik is widely known as the inventor of the first permanent total artificial heart.” ( Robert Koffler Jarvik is the outstanding inventor of the artificial heart which has saved many lives of Americans and other people ...view middle of the document...

He hoped the experience would help gain him entrance into an American medical school.” ( He was still very much into becoming a doctor. His idea was successful because he was soon accepted into Utah’s medical school where he earned a degree in the year 1976. Sadly, his father passed away after suffering from an aneurysm shortly after Robert received his degree. As he was attending the medical school in Utah, there were already artificial heart designs that were in the process of being developed. The problem behind the early designs was developing a pump that had a sufficient power source. Robert Jarvik was on the right path to becoming a successful inventor devoted to helping people around the world.
While Robert was operating with the institution, the team he was working with had developed the “Kwann-Gett heart”. This device acted as a pumping device with a rubber diaphragm that would move blood in and out as if it were an actual heart. The team tested animals with this first instead of humans and they soon found out that the problem with it was that it caused unnecessary clotting which could...

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