Artificial Happiness And Dystopian Societies English Writing Requirement Essay

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How does a parent make their child happy? Disneyland. While at Disneyland, children get to experience a utopia that most adults wish they could experience while there. A child’s imagination can lead to great happiness without the simulation of an outside source. Disneyland heightens that imagination and makes the artificial utopia a reality for a short period of time. Adults become jealous of such utopia and in order to create their own artificial happiness, adults use artificial mechanisms to create such artificial mental or physical enhancements. Today, we see the over use of such enhancements through the use of drugs and physical surgical “improvements” for adults. However, how far can we allow these enhancements to go? Will this idea of utopia end up as a dystopia? Through works like Brave New World and the Black Mirror episode Nosedive, we get a taste of what our future could progress to in terms of technological advancements that could lead to a dystopian society.

Today, many people intake suppressors or sedatives to enhance one’s mood or happiness, however this could lead to a dystopia like the World State in Brave New World. In Aldous Huxley’s novel, the main drug that is consumed for happiness is soma. As outsiders looking in on this dystopia, we are constantly judging the citizens for being doped up on soma, but this is no different from people who consume drugs, alcohol, and other mood altering substances. We are so quick to judge a society that is modeled just as our own. Feeling sad? Have a drink. Feeling stressed? Have a smoke. We don’t consider these acts to be dystopian, however at what point does this become dystopian? Is there a possibility that our society could get to that place? Most definitely. The point at which consumption of a product for happiness becomes dystopian is when an entire society depends on that something for happiness, or as a permanent escape from reality. It also becomes a dystopia if that substance is forced upon society so that it becomes classically conditioned as a necessity to survival. Our society definitely has the potential to move in this direction, where certain drugs could become legal, be used “medically”, and ultimately become essential, especially if this substance is made available to everyone. Many adults and youths take medications like Adderall and Ritalin to help with focus in school or in the work place. However, some people take these drugs to enhance their performance levels on tests even though they don’t actually need the drug. The drug exists to level out the playing field to make equal opportunities for everyone a possibility. However, is this necessary? Does society function in a state where everyone is equal? It is a sincere possibility that our health care system could level out to make everything affordable as well. If the day every comes where taking a performance enhancing drug becomes mandatory, eventually, our bodies would succumb to the standard feeling of relief and...

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