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Artificial Intelligence And Video Games Essay

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What if someone told you that those turtles in Mario or the computer opponent in Pong had their own “brain” and that they are able to think and do things like humans do? What if you were told that we can create these brains and apply them to many other video game antagonists, like the ghosts from Pac Man or even the opposing team in Madden? These “artificial brains” are a product of a technology called artificial intelligence (AI). AI in video games can be applied to nearly anything, such as a boss as big as a city to a bird soaring in the sky. They are used to create a sense of realism in what that item in the game would actually do in real life. AI uses many sets of complex algorithms and sequences to create relationships between different things that the AI has to distinguish and represent.
There are many ways an AI can process and many can be more complex than that zombie. Video games with the ability to set difficulties, such as “newbie” mode to something like “Superultra Megadeath Immortal” mode, would also mean making the AI’s thought process more complex. This would give them the ability to react to what they are seeing in a way that a normal human would which surprises players. How an AI reacts to the player is very important. AI is the most important to any video game’s story, gameplay and overall enjoyability.
”So now a turtle brain no longer consists of only going left and right and being crushed by a plumber, it needs to flee progressing fire, move away from an incoming vehicle, transition from ground to water navigable areas, walk, hide, swim, and care about predators like sharks.”
(Desmeules, Whatever Happened to Video Game AI?)
Artificial intelligence has progressed quite far, as Hugo Desmeules, one of people in charge of AI design and programming for FarCry 3, explains in his quote. AI’s back then had simple behavioral patterns that most gamers would be able to follow and completely understand after looking at how they move, like the red and green turtles from Mario. After understanding the behaviors of one type of opponent in a game, the player should be able to guess what all the other opponents of the same type will do ,which will give gamers an edge when they progress through levels.
This same thing can be applied to more complex AI. More complex AI can be seen from the introduction of open-world games. These games have no linear stage progression like Megaman and Mario, but are more free in terms of what the player wants to do. They are able to free-roam around the part of the map they are in and never have to go through the main storyline missions to keep playing. With this wide open, no rules type of environment the type of AI will have to be smarter than just moving back and forth. More complex AI’s could be able to react to lights the player shines as they navigate through dark areas, the sound they make as they scuffle through the grass or even smells your character in-game may currently be giving off (Lane, What...

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