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Artificial Intelligence In Medicine Medicine Annotated Bilbiography

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BSC100 Building Block for Science Students
Annotated Bibliography

Source 1
Salvado O.(2016). Wearable computing and artificial intelligence for healthcare applications. Artificial Intelligence In Medicine, 42(2), 95-98.
This article stresses on the reason why artificial intelligence has not revolutionized the health sector despite the advancement of technology. The author urges that there is need to obtain accurate results rather than approximation as some of the human tissues such as brain tissues are too sensitive and need close examination. Despite that, the author suggests that there is a need to develop the use of new technology and artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector, capable of accurately measuring and calculating data which would help in providing detailed information about an individual’s body. Doing so would allow respective parties to gain further knowledge and encourage new treatment possibilities, where required. The target audience in this article would be scientists developing machines or systems that may be useful in hospitals to detect diseases or abnormal findings amongst patients. Moreover, the author asserts that the scientists need to come up with high detective devices so as to make treatment effective and easy. Despite that the key information that is provided in this case are the difficulties that are passed by those in the health sector when diagnosing the diseases that the human body is suffering from. The main issue is that there is need for invention of high predictive machine that may be able to determine the health of any patient. There are some existing difficulties in the health sector which includes difficulty to accurately measure certain parts of the human body and also precisely of any biological process thus causing unwanted variations in the outcome. The author concludes that there is a strong need to use new technology and artificial intelligence in the health department so as to provide definite causes of the health issues that the patients may pass through. Wearable computing is likely to deliver a better outcome for understanding patient issues than just mere human observation and thus they should be used in the health department.
This article is quite relevant to work in that it would form the basis of our literature review. Despite that, it provides a clear indication that there is actually the need of clear result on health issues but not on mere approximation. However this article has critically been criticized on the basis that it is based on traditional approaches and that it cannot be fully relied on. Moreover, there was little research that is portrayed on the article and the issue of intelligence has not been clearly brought into examination thus the article should be carefully made use.
Source 2
Ockenden W. (2017). AI capable of diagnosing skin cancer developed. ABC News. Retrieved 22 July 2017, from...

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