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Artificial Intelligence In The Arts Essay

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Throughout the semester, we have intensively studied how computer science relates to the world around us, through video games, database systems, and artificial intelligence. But what we have not discussed is how all of these subjects in computer science, like pep8, pseudo code, gates and circuits, relate to our artistic world; dance, music, and live theatre. Listening to a piece of music, or as an audience member watching a dance or theatre performance, one assumes that the entire production, stemmed solely from the creativity of those involved. What most do not realize, is the intensive knowledge of computer science that these artists are required to have to make a production happen. The technical crew of a show raises the curtain on technical and theatrical automation, and a musician uses many different software programs to create digital music. But what would happen if these responsibilities were given solely to an intelligent computer? Or moreover, what would happen if a computer was given the aptitude for the same artistic understanding that is required to do these forms of art? This kind of intelligent environment could expand the expressive potential of the arts and in computer science in many ways, but how will it affect the viewers and performers perception of the traditions of music, dance, and theatre? While intelligence technology often enables new ways of creation, it can also harbor a lack of creativity in the arts, and lacks the “real world” knowledge that an artist, musician, dancer, or choreographer has. Exploring how the arts have affected and contributed to creations in artificial intelligence so far, will help us to understand and predict how it will hinder or benefit the creativity and reality of the arts, as well as discover what could happen, in giving these artistic abilities, to computers.
We will begin by exploring one of the oldest forms of art in the western hemisphere, theatre. The art of theatre has been around for thousands of years, and in today’s society, it has remained almost untouched by the world of computer science, until the modern advances AI. Actors have been staging forms artificial intelligence for centuries; however new innovations in AI open up new possibilities in the fields of artistic expression in theatre. If one believes that intelligence is established from behavior, than one must wonder what AI can learn from a practice that has been concerned with the combination for centuries. Constantin Stanislavski, founder of the Stanislavski method of acting, based directly on realism, once stated, “The direct effect on our mind is achieved by the words, the text, the thought, which arouse consideration. Our will is directly affected by the super-objective, by other objectives, by a through line of action. Our feelings are directly worked upon by tempo-rhythm”. In the Stanislavski method, actors train to uncover physical manifestations of internal thought processes, and likewise, evoke mental...

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