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Artificial Intelligence In William Gibson’s Neuromancer

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Artificial Intelligence in William Gibson’s Neuromancer

     Artificial Intelligence is a term not too widely used in today’s society.  With today’s technology we haven’t found a way to enable someone to leave their physical body and let their mind survive within a computer.  Could it be possible?  Maybe someday, but for now it’s just in theory.  The novel by William Gibson, Neuromancer, has touched greatly on the idea of artificial intelligence.  He describes it as a world where many things are possible.  By simply logging on the computer, it opens up a world we could never comprehend.  The possibilities are endless in the world of William Gibson.

      This world of artificial intelligence has the power to produce many questions and theories because we don’t understand something that isn’t possible.  “How smart’s an AI, Case?  Depends.  Some aren’t much smarter than dogs.  Pets.  Cost a fortune anyway.  The real smart ones are as smart as the Turing heat is willing to let ‘em get.”  (Page 95)  This shows that an artificial intelligence can be programmed to only do certain tasks.  Others have the capabilities to go beyond that of pets, up to the capacity of its programmer, but not any further.  With today’s technology we haven’t found a way for a computer to think for itself.  This can only happen with the potentialities that will develop over time.  The future may hold great opportunities for this new found world.

    The environment inside the computer system is called cyberspace.  This is the place where Case logs on, it describes the surroundings that he sees.  “Cyberspace, as the deck presented it, had no particular relationship with the deck’s physical whereabouts.  When Case jacked in, he opened his eyes to the familiar configuration of the Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority’s Aztec pyramid of data.”  (Page 105) In Cyberspace, your physical body is still present on earth, you mind is the only thing that shifted into a different universe.  In Case’s situation, he was familiar with his surrounding, and knew what to expect. ...

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