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Artificial Pancreas As An Emerging Technology

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The passage of time has led to a greater understanding of the management and treatment of Diabetes mellitus. The transition from simple urine sugar screening tests to sophisticated meters and reagent strips systems to monitor glucose have now emerged into a whole new perspective for diabetes treatment (S.F.CLARKE, 2012). Artificial pancreas (AP) technology is an emerging and revolutionary development in diabetes care (Artificial Pancreas Project).

The AP technology can be tracked back to 50 years during a period when intravenous and intraperitoneal AP systems were developed but faced several limitations. It was only in 1999 that a subcutaneous ...view middle of the document...

CGM Receiver: This displays readings as graphs and trends minute by minute and translates the readings from USB to Bluetooth.
Control Algorithm device (CAD): The readings are sent to CAD such as smart phone, tablet or Pc where an algorithm analyzes them and calculates the insulin dose.
Insulin pump: The CAD communicates with the insulin pump worn on the body that automatically administers the correct insulin dose via a cannula inserted under the skin.

Need for the Technology:
Unlike Type 2 diabetes, the more common form, Type1 form of illness has neither prevention nor cure. Currently Monitoring Type1 diabetes is relentless as patients are required to continuously monitor their glucose levels and balance their insulin delivery (Scott, 2013). With a technology like AP, this device would automatically monitor and dispense insulin throughout the day and night to maintain healthy blood sugar levels (Artificial Pancreas). The AP would especially be helpful overnight when 50-70% hypoglycemic emergencies occur (cooper, 2013). This technology makes managing diabetes simple, easier, and safer by lowering the risk of health complications later in life and also reducing the constant worry about blood sugar levels (Artificial Pancreas).

Target Population:
Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the US and other countries around the world (Scott, 2013). The Artificial pancreas is developed to transform the quality of lives of millions of people with diabetes, especially Type1 diabetes where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin and is a lifelong condition. However, this technology is being researched to help people with Type2 diabetes...

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