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Artificial Sweeteners Market Analysis

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Equal’s business during 1980s:
Equal’s product was the first product which created by Searle and it was a new development aspect in the artificial sweetener market. It made from new substance, and this substance was an innovation of Searle that added significant value to the market, which that invention called aspartame. Equal was seeking to their objective by improving their product to gain better Advantage to compete other similar product in the market which called Sweet’n Low’s ( a sugar substitute), and at the same time Equal never surrender to their competitor which are selling almost to similar kind of their feature of Equal product. In this regard Equals was continuous focusing to improve their product, so for that effort, which was exerted from Equals, gave to them advantage result in the market. For that implementation Equals was progressively improve in artificial sweetener market. The importance aspect for us to know that Equals was Implement a good marketing strategy for them, which it was a primary marketing strategy demand, it concentrate to creates a new product substance in the artificial markets, and Equals realized that their product is getting better opportunity than a competitor product ,for that aspect Equals was supported by Increasing the advertising to gain more primary advantage of marketing strategy for their product in the market to be in the lead.

Sweet’n Low’s was implement different ways of marketing strategy , and that type of marketing strategy was implement before Equals appeared is different when the Equals came up in the market, at the first way of marketing strategy which was implement before Equals appeared in the sweetener market was primary demanded marketing strategy, they created new artificial sweetener in the market which it was a first company produce that kind of product in the market , the product was having low calorie feature and they increased the production line and also the develop their product line by improve the substance of their product by new form of contain which called saccharin, and the company sales was increasing upward and it held large portion of artificial sweetener market , which was approximately around 80% of market share. But the store have been changed when the new artificial sweetener product came up on the marker, at this time the way of marketing strategy of Sweet’n Low’s have been changed when the Equals appeared on the market, Equals product was having good feature in contain, that was a new artificial sweetener called aspartame, at that time the atmosphere of competition increased between the Sweet’n Low’s and Equals, Sweet’n Low’s was implement new type of marketing strategy to compete the new competitor on the market by Implement selective demand of marketing strategy, which was through new brand called Sweet One , which was made from new developer called Hoescht Celanese Corp, and that product which launched by Cumberland having good advantage which can used...

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