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Artillery And Missile Crew Member Essay

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Did you know many people shy away from danger but in the Military you're willing to do dangerous things such as work with explosives, and being shot at. These job is called Artillery and Missile Crew Member. Every day you will be exposed to explosions from your team and not from your team. You can work with Armoured vehicles such as Tanks, Planes, and Jeeps also known as Humvees. Artillery and Missile Crew Members deal mostly with explosives that you can fire at a far distance. One far distance Weapon is known as a morter.
Artillery and Missile Crew Members can serve in the Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard or in the Air National Guard, and Army National Guard (“Military”para.7). Crew ...view middle of the document...

1). Occupations are specific in the Military, such as fighter pilots or infantrymen (“Military” para.1). Opportunities should be good for qualified individuals, and they would get jobs easier (“Military” para. 67).
Job training will teach you methods of computing target locations, ammunition handling techniques, gun firing, missile firing, rocket system operations, and artillery tactics (“Artillery and Missile Crew Members” para. 14). High School plus on the job training are needed for these job. You have to finish high school and you get on the job training such as firing the missiles (“Military” para. 27). To be enlisted you have to have a high school diploma (“Artillery and Missile Crew Members” para. 11). To be an officer you have to have a four-year college degree or greater or served previously as enlisted personnel (“Artillery and Missile Crew Members” para .12).
Military salaries include housing allowances, subsistence allowances, special and incentive pay, cost of living allowances, hazardous pay, dusty pay, and bonuses (“Artillery and Missile Crew Members” para.18). The median pay level is around $50,000 per year (“Artillery and Missile Crew Members” para.3). Salary depends on your rank, such as sergeants get paid more than privates (“Military” para. 62). The salary has been going up for the past few years (“Artillery and Missile Crew Members” para. 17).
Personnel are exposed to hazardous situations. Cuts, bites, stings, and minor burns can occur in situations such as patrols or carrying out a mission (“Artillery and Missile Crew Member” para.4). Some titles for these job are Air and Missile Defense Crew Member (AMD), Air...

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