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In this course, we have discussed the experiences of Viktor Frankl and Jackie Robinson through the book, A Will to Meaning, and the movie, 42. Even though Frankl and Robinson’s lives were full of hardships, they were able to retain their self-respect. How is this possible? By examining Joan Dideon’s work on self-respect, Frankl and Robinson’s development of self-respect becomes clear.
According to Dideon, the evolution of self-respect starts with trauma (Dideon, 1968). For Dideon, this trauma was not getting into the Phi Beta Kappa Sorority (Dideon, 1968). For Frankl, this trauma was surviving after being admitted into a German concentration camp (Frankl, 6). For Robinson, this trauma was ...view middle of the document...

She makes it clear that if you attempt to appease others, you lose your self-respect because people are “deceived easily enough” (Dideon, 143). Frankl learns this lesson when he promises himself that he would never “run into the wire” (Frankl, 18). Through this promise to himself, Frankl keeps his self-respect because he will never be tempted to degrade himself by suicide. Robinson learns this because even though he was faced with racist comments, he controls himself and keeps his self-respect. This is especially apparent when he is forced off the field by a sheriff. Even though Robinson’s teammates wanted to retaliate, Robinson did not (Clark, et al., 2013). As Dideon says, even if doing the right thing costs the approval of others, your self-respect is not compromised, which is most important (Dideon, 143).
Rickey had told Robinson to never respond to the racist comments that he will recieve (Clark, et al., 2013). Rickey speaks the truth when he says, “Follow a curse with a curse, and they’ll hear only yours,” (Clark et al., 2013). So for most of the movie, Robinson tries to keep his temper even though he is faced with many hard situations (Clark et al., 2013). This is hard for Robinson but it helps to retain his self-respect because he is focused on playing good baseball (Clark et al., 2013). I think one of the greatest examples of this is when he is kicked off the field by a sheriff in a Florida game. After Robinson got a run, the sheriff...

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