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Arts And Activism Essay

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Artists are people who express their feelings and emotions on something they have created. They work there lives on these imaginative pieces, some for a living some just out of the pure enjoyment. Those who make a living on selling their art have to work very hard at making their selves known, for some there art never becomes know they work immensely but to no avail. These artists, some of which could keep up with those who are very famous, have their art fall into an abyss where there art is never heard of or even seen. In today’s world artist have many of ways of putting their selves out there and becoming known in the art industry. Social media and just the internet alone have helped “starving artist” become very well known in the art world.
If it wasn’t for the internet and people spreading art all over it, I personally wouldn’t know of any art at all. I’m not one to go out to an art museum for fun, don’t get me wrong I ...view middle of the document...

For Many artists getting known it their goal, they work their whole lives to just get even one painting to be famous. With social media now people who had never been recognized for their art now have thousands of views and or likes on their art. Apps and websites like, Instagram and Tumblr have made much artist renown in these social media sites. For example on the app Instagram I started following an artist because I had seen my friend liking pictures of hers and I liked her art. Her name is MJ Lindo, upon doing research I found out that her first picture of her art on Instagram was posted two years ago and only got about 100 likes now two years later her art is recognized with 24,000 followers and averaging at least 1000 likes on each photo, the app helped her get known in the art worlds just by posting pictures of what she has created and let her fans do the rest.
Social media has not only spread the art of just painting it has spread all of art itself. In my eyes art is defined simply as something created by someone whose creativity and imagination constructed something amazing, whether it be food, tattoos or simply just a cool car someone customized the powers of social media has spread these peoples talents far and wide. My roommate for example is a “tattoo collector and advocate” as he would say. He follows many tattoo artists on all of these social media sites and talks about how he wants to get tattooed by all these artist I feel that if it wasn’t for him seeing them on these sites he wouldn’t care as to who did his tattoos he would just stick with his normal artist in town. Same goes with someone who might like cars and likes the body work on a car that this one shop does, that person would never know about that shop out of town if it wasn’t for them finding them on Instagram.
Art over the years has change drastically over the years and has only grown to a bigger audience due to the rise of social media. Social media has helped many people achieve their goals of becoming that famous artist they have always dreamed about. It has opened the eyes to people who were once oblivious to all the wonders of art and how cool it actually is.

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