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Arts And Crafts Of Shakespearian Time

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Queen Elizabeth’s reign had a very large impact on the blossom of arts and crafts in late 1500’s and early 1600’s of England. She had a great passion for arts, crafts, and literature. This inspired several artists, play writes, author, and architects to move their practice to the England. Some authors include William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, and Thomas Wyatt. Architects include John Brayne, also included famous artist Nicholas Hilliard. The collection of arts in England mad this country very popular.
Nicholas Hilliard was one the few famous artists in the Elizabethan era. Nicholas was born to Richard Hilliard (an English goldsmith) and Laurence Wall. As a young boy Hilliard became ...view middle of the document...

Though Hilliard seemed to welcome the atmosphere of the new monarch, he really seemed to no longer enjoy his occupation. In 1600, he wrote Treatise on the Arte of Limning, which was an account on his method and special sidelights for individual mericual and engaging temperament. Nicholas struggled with financial situations; this led to a short imprisonment for debt. Researchers say:
“His Treatise also states that he derived his sensibility from that of the painter Hans Holbein the Younger, a German portraitist working in England, whose influence doubtless accounts for Hilliard’s preference for even, nondramatic lighting and firm contours, as seen in the miniatures An Unknown Youth Leaning Against a Tree Among Roses and An Unknown Man Against a Background of Flames.”

Nicholas Hilliard was very valuable to the artistic nature of England during the Elizabethan era.
There were not many different types of known art at the time of Elizabethan era. The main type of art at the time was portraiture. Portraiture is the practice of making portraits. Many families, or people of power would have an artist...

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