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Arts Classes Should Be Mandatory For Schools.

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” -Pablo Picasso. This quote is pretty straightforward. It says how all children are artists and how they grow older are not an artist anymore. A child’s drawing can tell so much about what they are thinking and feeling about their surroundings. They see things differently from adults and teens because when they are drawing or doing some sort of art they are not told that it is a “bad picture” or what ever they are doing is “not right.” They don’t have a limit upon their thoughts and ideas, but when they grow up, they do. Starting from the first day of school they are taught about the wrong things and the right thing. As we grow older there are more classes that have right and wrong answers to a question like for example math. We learn to follow the steps, use the formula, and get the right answer but because of these classes we forget about the arts. If the arts are forgotten then student’s way of expressing what they feel is taken away. Which brings more pressure to students in classes like math, physics, geography, and etc. That is why schools should make arts classes mandatory because arts classes help students build their artistic and creative skills, makes them better learners, and encourages them to find other ways of expressing their thoughts.
The chair of the UK Government had a test made to see the ability to think in “divergent or non-linear ways” between the ages 3- 25. Out of 1,600 children aged three to five showed that 98% of them can think divergent. Out of the same number of kids age’s eight to ten, 32% could think divergently. When the same test was applied to 13-15 year olds, 10% could think divergently. Then when the test was used on 200,000 25 year olds, only 2% could think this way. The statistics show that the older we get the more our artistic and creativity skills decrease. It decreases due to the low amount of time and effort that is put forth to the arts because people think that there aren’t many ways to survive and make money with studying arts. According to USATODAY news, arts education has been slipping for more than three decades, the result of tight budgets, an ever-growing list of state mandates that have been crowding the classroom curriculum, and a public sense that the arts are lovely but not essential. But if schools spent enough money on the arts and have students re-building their creative and artistic skills could be very helpful to the future because students who take arts classes are shown to do a better job at mastering reading, writing, and math through a research done by the Arts Education Partnerships. Which means there would be more educated people to change the world.
Being apart of arts is involved with getting better in math, reading, critical thinking, verbal skills, cognitive ability, and problem solving. It also improves social skills, motivation, and confidence. The Arts Education Partnership stated that arts...

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