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Arts In Society. Essay

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Art is an important aspect of our lives that we don't appreciate as much as we should. It goes far beyond any technique or style, and for each individual, art is a reflection of his or her own unique identity. As a whole, art provides numerous purposes to the community and society.It has been seen through research and studies that there is a relationship between the arts and high academic achievement. Although mathematics, sciences, and history are important, they only expose students to 'part of the reality of the world'. Likewise, the arts only expose the student to 'part of the reality of the world'. Neither will be sufficient on its own and so, a variety of subjects are necessary to present a more complete and more comprehensive education. An analysis of the 1999 Commonwealth Accountability Testing System scores has shown a statistically significant relationship between the arts and humanities scores and math scores. For every one point increase in a school's arts and humanities score, its math score will likely be 1.143 points higher (Wilhoit).Having a strong art curriculum and establishing the affiliation of all the core subjects are a dominant means to improve education. A recent study showed that students who participated in more than four years of arts education, as opposed to students who only participated half a year or less of arts education scored 57 points higher on the verbal SAT and 43 points higher on the math section. One school took the initiative to change the way their students were educated and are already seeing results (Wilhoit).The Daviess County Public Schools district began a new program that includes eight major components; arts, music, foreign language, reading, critical thinking, health and community involvement. Professional artists instruct all students in dance, theatre, and visual arts, as well as concentrated music training. After only two years of implementing the newly developed program, the state scores at Deer Park Elementary have risen 12 points. As a whole, in 1999, the Daviess County had the ninth highest district scores in the state and the second highest of 120 county districts (Wilhoit).The arts are extremely important to young, developing children. Brain research has shown that the motivations offered by the arts, like pictures, sound, movement and plays, are necessary for children to reach their potential. By helping children to use all their senses in learning, they will be able to look and listen more carefully. The arts stress creative thinking and analytical skills which allow students who have strong backgrounds in the arts and are more likely to do better than those who have little or no art training. The numerous ways in which the child understand and interprets the world will serve as foundation on which the child's success in learning to read and write will build upon (Ansary).Over the past thirty years, the function of art in health care has taken on particular importance. Hospital walls...

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2614 words - 10 pages : success in society, success in school, success in developing intelligence, and success in life” (MENC, 2003). Finally, visual arts is an essential element of fine arts in application to other academics. It helps with perception, production, knowledge, communication, evaluation, and connection. “Visual arts education is a multifaceted creative process. It includes the development of perceptual awareness and the ability to use materials

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