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Artwork Throughout The Ages Essay

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Artists are some of the most creative minds in the world. In past centuries and time periods, they brought happiness and reprieve to dark times by creating paintings, sculptures and architecture. With the fall of the Roman Empire, a thousand years passed before the Renaissance sparked life back into the classical works from the past.  Despite another millennium passing since the Renaissance, innumerable artists from that time period still have their artworks on display in popular museums today. Similarly, many Greek and Roman artworks are still recognizable and are visited by people in the current century.  Artists from these past time periods grant the modern day examples of artwork that ...view middle of the document...

Like Phidias, Scopas is also a creator of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Mausoleum. While many artists during this classical period created works of art that concentrated on Paganism, Scopas focused rather on the expression of powerful emotions (“Scopas”).
Over a thousand years after the classical period, the Renaissance began, bringing with it powerful Christianity-based and complex works of art. One of the most famous Renaissance artists was Michelangelo, a painter, sculptor and architect from the late 15th century, to beginning of the 16th. His works had a psychological feel, as well as had great detail and realistic physical features. Many of his works were also religion-based, and included many references to the common Christian faith. Two of Michelangelo’s most famous works of art include The Statue of David, a heroic figure from the Old Testament, and The Pietá, depicting the Virgin Mary holding her son, Jesus, after his crucifixion. Another very famous work of art by Michelangelo is the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. It is bordered by twelve figures, and the center is made up of frescos depicting nine scenes from the biblical book of Genesis. Later in life, Michelangelo didn’t make as many large pieces of work, but instead started writing poetry. All of the works of art he made, be it paintings, poetry or sculptures, Michelangelo is still regarded as one of the most famous and best artists from this time period ("Michelangelo").
Another very well-known artist from the Renaissance time period is Tiziano Vecellio, but more commonly known as Titian. He enjoyed creating many different things, including landscapes, portraits and many...

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