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Arugumentative Essay: Banned Books

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For years, the controversial topic of banning books from public access has been a fascination of mine. I was raised in America, Land of the Free; Home of the Brave. In our very Constitution is stated the rights of our citizens, including those of freedom of speech and of the press. Which is the very reason such a topic has dominated my attention for so long. I read through out my childhood, most of these books I now find are extremely controversial; such as the Harry Potter series. Most of this controversy is due to religious contradictions. If the press is truly free in this country, and the separation of church and state still stands in our nation today, I ask why some of our favorite ...view middle of the document...

I also would like to argue the points of censorship in alternate media. While a book may be banned for using what may be disrespectful analogies to represent our nation or other political systems, would a movie go un-shown for such material? What about a magazine? I’ve watched as episodes from adult television shows were banned due to satirical images of Mohammed, Jesus, and other religious figures. These are also an example of maturity issues, but must such measures be taken? If one does not agree with the message of a show or book or even something as much as a pamphlet, why read it? Why watch the show if you feel you may be offended in a personal sense? So often a time has a person handed me a theology related pamphlet or article or even a bracelet. I don’t stand in the street and rant that they can keep their religion to themselves, thank you very much, I don’t make a scene; I simply smile and thank the person, and walk away. I may skim through the article or give the bracelet to a friend. If I can take such a passive approach to differing opinions, why can’t everyone else consider such an option as simply walking away?
In conclusion of my argumentative support as to the point why books should not be banned is the fact that books are simply amazing. Yes, I know I sound like a complete child; yet when you take a book away from someone, they may be blinded to political issues or foreign issues. Perhaps due to the publication of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, public uprising may have contributed to the pushing of President Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. History may have been altered drastically if Upton Sinclair had...

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