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Arvin Budget Essay

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City History:
The City of Arvin is located in Kern County about 15 miles southeast of the City of Bakersfield, California and 86 miles Northwest of Los Angeles. The City is part of the Bakersfield Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) with a population of about 16,200, (Arvin website), (City of Arvin, 2011). In the 1907, citizens started to arrive to Arvin; however, the community was incorporated as a city in 1960. In the 1930s, the community labor was in the oil fields, but during the 1950s become an agricultural community, (City of Arvin, 2011). The city has a council/manager form of government and is governed by a five member elected council. The city manager is appointed by the city council. The city of Arvin provides the following services: Police, community services, street reconstruction and maintenance, planning and zoning, street cleaning, transit, sanitation, and general administration services. The Kern County Fire Department has a contract with the city of Arvin to provide service to the community.
As of today the city of Arvin has no established a mission statement for their community. The finance director David Powell explained that the reason for not having a mission statement was because the city has been under reconstruction for a period of time. Nevertheless, they had started one, but since the departure of the city manager, they have focused in areas regarding the city administration. However, since 2004-2005 the city administration set a list of goals to accomplish through a period of years. Since 2004, the city of Arvin has been reconstructing the streets and city buildings to invite more businesses to the city. They also have constructed a soccer park and a public swimming pool. The administration is also planning to installed cameras at the stop lights to enforce drivers to be more precautious. The city administration has and will use federal funds and borrow money to finish the reconstructions.
The purpose of this research paper is to inform the public regarding the budget history and the procedures of the City of Arvin. This research is also to inform the community about new projects that the city has to will be working during the current year. The research also focuses on their expenditures and revenues. The researcher interviewed David Powell the Finance Director for the City of Arvin, and also used the city website to obtain data from the previous and current budget.
Budget process of the City of Arvin
The city of Arvin budget process is composed of a variety of participants; the city manager, finance director, accountant, head departments, city mayor, city council, and the community hearings. The budget procedure takes time and has many constrains. The administration has to make sure that the money is going to be used in an adequate form, and that will have a positive impact in the community. Through the budget process, the city administrations encounter political spending decisions and laws and...

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