As A Director, How Would You Cast And Direct The Roles Of Oberon And Titania To Communicate Your Ideas About The Individuals And Their Relationship?

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Oberon and Titania are the King and Queen of the fairies respectively. They have fallen out over a 'changeling child'. A 'changeling' being a human baby that has been stolen into the fairy world and a weak fairy child was left in its place (protected from discovery by a fairy glamour spell that would render the image of the original baby over it). Oberon wants the child to become a soldier and Titania wants it to be her prince and rule with her. Their arguments cause changes to the mortal world, such as the weather changing suddenly to thunder storms as a result of their feuding. Oberon and Titania are two of the most important roles in the play and therefore their general presence onstage should show this. If I were to direct and cast the roles of Oberon and Titania in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' I would ensure that I cast them correctly so that their voices, gestures, stage movements and other such attributes all come together to create a believable and effective fairy King and Queen.Shakespeare created the character of Titania as a "whimsical" fairy queen. The only similarities that she would share with a typical fairy queen would be that she believes that her quarrels with her husband Oberon have created havoc in the mortal world, and thus the wind, rain and sun have all been affected by the mishaps. Another resemblance Titania would share with a typical fairy queen is the fact that she has a number of women followers who devote themselves to her service. Due to the fact that Shakespeare presents the character of Titania as a "light-hearted" fairy queen, the actress playing the role would have to portray some degree of comedy while still retaining her status of being a queen. I will explain how I would make sure that the actress cast in her role should execute each aspect of her character in order to accomplish an effective representation of the role. Shakespeare has created the character of Oberon as a very 'hard' king, someone who will not tolerate his queen being stubborn and disobeying him. This shows their contrast in characters and I would use this to my advantage. Even, going to the extremes of casting an actor who is well over 6 feet tall to play Oberon and a 5 foot tall Titania - so that when she stands up to him and overall, wins their argument, it adds humour to the play.Titania's movement and gesture must present the fact that she is a fairy. Based on the stereotypical view of fairies, I would direct the actress to would move about the stage slowly and gracefully in order to show her status as queen. Wherever she moved, she would be followed by her minions and doted upon in any way possible, for example, whenever she steps down from something she is assisted. This would enable a contrast between her and her husband, Oberon - who would stride around stage in a very "military" way, which is useful because they argue a lot throughout the play and the difference between movements would reinforce how it is possible for them to come...

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