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As A Girl, I Want To Be A Boy!

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As a recent graduate, it is the first time I can decide who I am and build up my social identity. After I graduate from university, the upcoming task is I am going to be an adult. I am so excited to be an adult, because this means I can do everything I want to do and I can be treated like an adult. Social identity depends on intergroup social comparisons, which search for recognition or build evaluative reputation between intergroup and outgroup, the motivation is from self-esteem (Hogg and Terry, 2000). The purpose of this report is to analyze that as a girl, can I use possessions to build a male social identity. Although biological gender showed that I am female, the gendered social identity still can be reproduce by myself. I bought a car to present my superwoman image and want to build a masculine identity in the society.

Who I am?
Social Identity Theory
Social identity theory (Hereafter SIT) is a personal recognition that he/she is affiliated to a specific social group, also together with salient value and emotion to him/her as a member of this group (Hogg and Terry, 2000). SIT is a behavior concept that interaction and relationship from group/ intergroup to personal/interpersonal (Skevington and Baker, 1989; Tajfel and Turner, 1979). There are different aspects could effect one’s social identity, but here I take gender into more consideration. A theoretical statement was indicated that in gender group women’s social identities are more inferior than men, since men are more powerful and dominant and women are seeing as subordinate. This group identification leads to negative property and disadvantage as a woman. Therefore, women should take action to build a positive and distinctive social identity (Skevington and Baker, 1989). However, there is another statement that both sexes’ identifications and positions in the group are influenced by their sex-role of career and the way they expressed (Skevington and Baker, 1989; Skevington and Dawkes, 1988).

After I graduated from university, the upcoming task is I am going to be an adult. I am so excited to be an adult, because this means I can be do everything I want to do and I can be treated like an adult. Since I was a child, I like playing house with my friends. I act as different roles such as: teachers, boss, secretary and sales person when I was playing house. The most interesting role is to act as a superwoman to sell products.

After the graduation ceremony, my character was totally changed from a senior student to a recent graduate. It is the real world that I never met before, because everyone is judging other’ s ability by comparing salary and job title. However, at that time I care more about who I am than how much money I could earn. I had a different plan to achieve that is to be a superwoman who can earn money and high working performance. I want to be a confident and fortitudinous office lady.

In Taiwan, it is a common concept that “parents all hopes their...

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