As A Manager At Blue Mountain Company, You Have Been Asked To Handle An Employee That Has Violiated The Rules Of The Company. Other Than Dismissal, How Would You Handle This Situation?

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David Tuff reported the company's policy statement to news reporters, which is grounds for dismissal, but for me, as the manager, to determine how to handle this situation I used the complicity theory. This theory states, "You are morally required to reveal what you know to the public under certain conditions" (Beachamp & Bowie, 2004, p. 302).David Tuff did take the right action because, as a security guard of the Blue Mountain Company, he had sworn to uphold regulations from the Securities Officer's Manual, which states,"Should a serious accident or crime, including all felonies, occur on thepremises of the licensee, it shall be the responsibility of the licensee tonotify the appropriate police department immediately. Failure to do sois a violation of the provisions of the manual" (p. 318).Although the company issued new rules fourteen months later requiring security guards to escort intoxicated people off the parking lot onto the public roads, he still had taken an oath that required him to report it to the proper authorities (p. 318).By using the complicity theory, I will know how to handle this situation and what type of disciplinary action to take, if any. The first point in this theory is, what he revealed must derive from his work for the company (p. 302). David Tuff has this information because he works for the company and therefore it is first-hand not second-hand information.The second part to examine is, was he a voluntary member of the company? Yes he was. David Tuff was a volunteer of the company. He was hired by the company and took the training that the company required him to take to be able to work there. He was not forced to go to work there, but volunteered to be a security guard.Third, did he believe that the company, though legitimate, was committing a serious moral wrongdoing? (p. 302). Yes. Mr. Tuff believed that the company was putting people's lives in danger by letting an intoxicated person drive off their parking lot onto public roads (p. 318). In his eyes, this was putting the public in serious danger by him letting a person drive that was intoxicated.Fourth, if he did not reveal what he knew about the company, his work would contribute to the wrongdoing, because he did not publicly reveal what he knew (p. 302). David Tuff did have the responsibility to take care of intoxicated people, but just because he reported it does not mean it will accomplish...

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Blue Mountain Company And The Security Guard.

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