As An Important Element Of Identity Formation, Education Plays A Crucial Role In Bridging Faultlines In Europe.

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A Fault line, a concept originally used in geology to describe fractures or discontinuity, refers to a line of division, intersection or friction between different group of people. The fault lines are dynamic phenomena, because they are constantly changing over the course of history; such differences between people in fact are continuously reinvented and reshaped by the events occurred. It is therefore important to observe that fault lines need to be studied in a national, supranational and global context. In times of financial crisis, globalization and technological rise, these fault lines are unceasing to change, and the gap between different groups, whether religious, economic or cultural, are constantly increasing.
During these course, we divided fault lines into three categories: socio-economic, religious and cultural.
A crucial element of them is the identity, all the features and the cultural means to which we refer to that make us definable and recognizable. In Europe our identity has often been shaped in the concept of “us” against “them”, that has been further revealed as one of the biggest problem of our integration.
Education has always played a pivotal role in bridging fault lines, but moreover, it has been even more important emphasizing them. It provides people skills, culture and habits necessary to forge their identity.
This essay analyzes the role of education in emphasizing the already existing fault lines. Firstly it analyses the socio-economic fault lines within Italy and secondly it considers the religious fault lines and the fundamentalist movements. ..........It is important, however to state that the extent to which education is guilty is indirect, as it is fundamental in shaping and addressing our identities in all the fault lines contexts we discussed.

First of all, it is important to state that people have different levels of identity: a resident of Rome, for example, can be identified as a Roman, an Italian, a Christian, a European. Even more important is that people can redefine their identities. (Huntington p.24)
In out context, the so-called network society, the society itself is changing so fast that people seem to have lost the control over their lives. The economies throughout the world have become interdependent, leading to a system working as a unit. The outcome of this constantly changing system, all together with the new means of communication, is that people feel themselves fragmented, weak and maybe even more alone. They do not know anymore which features should they identify with and the tend to regroup around primary identities: religious, ethnic, national ecc. ( 1-27 the net and the self. P. 2-3)
People do not organize around what they do, but around what they are, and what they are is mostly shaped by education.
The first fault line, the socio-political one, it is very profound both within and between states.
A clear example of an internal division can be found on the Italian peninsula, where the...

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