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As An Ib Student, How Has Your Learning Of Literature And Science Contributed To Your Understanding Of Individuals And Societies?

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Shriniel tankaria Tankaria 1Shubhda missTOK6th January 2014As an IB student, how has your learning of literature and science contributed to your understanding of individuals and societies?IB is completely a new experience for me. It has helped me to develop many qualities and has completely changed my personality and my way of thinking towards things. My experience in IB is amazing because it has helped me to know myself much better than what I was. In IB I have also learnt about literature and sciences which helped me to know more about individuals and societies. IB has helped me to know more about the different perspectives of famous peoples. In this essay, I would give many examples in order to support my topic.Literature is a convenient subject to understand other people. Through literature we can know how a person feels or thinks. Everyone has different perspectives in literature, some might be positive and some might be negative. In English literature, we were supposed to read the book "THE ANIMAL FARM" by George Orwell. It is a book based on the injustice to the animals and the difficulties faced by them throughout their life. George Orwell had compared the story of animal farm to the Russian revolution of 1917. Along with the story of animal farm, I also came to know about the past history of Russia and many individuals. I came across many leaders such as Joseph Stalin and Karl Marx and how they fought bravely for their country. The characters of animal farm were compared to Joseph Stalin and Karl Marx. So by this we come to know that literature helped me to know more about individuals.In literature we also studied a novel "NO ONE WRITES TO THE COLONEL". This novel was based on a small family which was suffering from financial problems because the colonel did not receive his pension. It was the time where a civil war had just taken place. And this novel tells us a lot about the writer as an individual and also about the society at that time as a war had just taken place and how did the people live in that kind of an atmosphere. It depicts the pain and the suffering of the people and the society as a whole. The problem of pension also indicates that the governmental system at that time was not so efficient due to the civil war and gives us a glimpse of the society at that time. This also contributes to my understanding of individuals and society. In literature we not only have the things which are written but there are many hidden meanings in each sentence.We also studied a novel "THE HOUSE OF BERNADA ALBA". It is a Spanish novel translated in English...

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