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As I Know More About Japan, I Realize That Education Is Important For People To Get Well Paid Jobs In The High Ranked Companies. There Is A Compet...

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As I know more about Japan, I realize that education is important for people to get well-paid jobs in the high-ranked companies. There is a competition among those who apply for jobs, and companies tend to use candidates’ educational background to decide who should be employed. The similar situation occurs in Thailand. I am going to talk about the how Thai people think about education, using the concept of stereotype and the ideology of educational credentialism.
In Thailand, many parents, students, and employers see the University of Chulalongkorn(CU) as the most prestigious, followed by Kasetsart University(KU), Mahidol university(MU), Thammasart University(TU), which are also among the most prestigious. Most of Thai students prefer prestigious universities. Many choose university from the popularity, not the university with the department they really interest in or with the department with high reputation. Before I came to Japan, I chose to study at KMUTT, which is famous in research and engineering, especially Chemical Engineering, the department which attracts me most. However, competitions is very low, many freshmen of KMUTT in the department performed very poor (e.g. got less than 1/4 of the full score) in GAT-PAT and O-NET, the national standardized tests for university entrance. Meanwhile, freshmen of CU usually got high score on these test. It is not common to see students who perform well(at least on the tests) go to less popular universities. The thing that Thai job market is different from that of Japan is grade does matter. Employers still consider candidates’ academic transcript. Although students come from very popular universities, they can be rejected if They got very low GPA, whereas in my opinion, Japanese employers choose Todai candidates, eventhough they got lower GPA than candidates from less prestigious universities . Many Thai employers stick to the ideology of educational credentialism, thinking that educational background exceptionally determine the capability of students. This kind of thinking might go further to the point that people are...

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