As I Meet Myself: Perceptions Of Self Through Interactions Of Others

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As I Meet Myself: Perceptions of Self through Interactions of Others
Alexandria N. Williams
Georgia Military College
Comm 220
Dr. Robin Grantham
April 8 2014

As I Meet Myself: Perceptions of Self through Interactions of Others
As a collective group of peers, we perceive things in a certain light without necessarily knowing the background information. We judge ourselves, and we judge others constantly, and often based only on perception. The outcome of perceiving things a certain way can be positive or negative. This depends on how we do it, when, and how often. After reading and carefully examining this chapter, I have gained some very useful knowledge. This ...view middle of the document...

It has also given me a better understanding of what I knew developed my self-concept by questioning what was put before me. By developing myself concept it has greatly increased myself awareness (Devito, 2012). These years of experience have help me become more self-aware. I understand myself now more than ever before.
I did a thorough self-evaluation of myself using the Johari Method concept by laying out some of my diffent charterstics, evaluating them, and placing them in the correct category. My open self-qualities are my friendliness, almost every-one that I meet can tell that I am a friendly person. I also can be very shy at times. These are qualities that people who know me all seem to all be familiar with. I am known for these two traits. My blind-self qualities seem to be that I am naïve. I am told by many people that I need to open up my eyes to certain realities of life.
Sometimes I have random moments of just wanting to be alone, and my emotions are constantly up and down these are my hidden qualities. My unknown truths would be the biggest square on the diagram, because I know there is so much that I do not know about myself nor do others know about me. This is where being open minded comes in to play. I need to be open minded in order to really reveal this side of myself. I believe that this is the largest box in every one’s diagram. Everyone in this world is capable of so many things that they do not know about. Self-disclosure also ties into the...

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