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As Nature Made him is a heart-wrenching story of a young boy who's life was ruined because one mistake. Dr. John Money graduated Harvard and was a sexual psychiatrist who specialized in the biology of gender. Money wanted to prove that gender identity was nurtured rather than innate. He was a psychologist who was developing a reputation in the field of sexual development and gender identity and he based his workon Intersex patients.
Dr. Money wrote many different books and professional essays, one of the most important cases were the Twins case. Bruce and his twin Brian who were six months old when they were diagnosed with Phimosis, because of how they both urinated. ...view middle of the document...

Because of everything going on in her life she was not doing well in school and got left back. She did not get along with many people and barely had any friends.
It was now time for Brenda to complete her surgery but she did not want to talk about it at all with Dr. Money or anyone else. Every time the subject was bought up Brenda would throw a tantrum and ran out of the room. Today David explains that he refused to undergo vaginal surgery not only because he was afraid of hospitals and doctors but also because he did not feel like a girl, he knew something was wrong. Brenda would have daydreams of herself, as a twenty two year old male with nice cars and always felt like that thats the future she wants to have. After the first surgery Money asked that he see the twins once a year and even though Brenda and Brain did not want to go their parents still took hem because they felt it was the right thing. Jon and Janet felt that only Money understands what they are going through and only he could help them. They depended on him and did not even realize how he was ruining their family. Money made the twins do uncomfortable things during their meetings and he did not even care that he is scaring them and scarring them for life.
There came a point when they stopped going to John Hopkins and started getting help from Winnipeg. Brendas Psychiatrist, Moggey had tried for months to convince Brenda to go back to John Hopkins and undergo vaginal surgery. Since Brenda refused to even talk about returning to John Hopkins , Moggey suggested Brenda having the surgery in Winnipeg, Jon and Janet said that They would only agree to it if Dr. Money himself approved this plan. Jon and Janet trusted Dr. Money too much with the life of their children, they could not make a decision without him. I feel like hearing Doctors opinion is very important but at the end of the day it is your child and you be able to make a decision that will give your child the best life. All Dr. Money was trying to do was prove that gender could be nurtured. When Dr. Winter, who was one of Brendas doctors went to visit Dr. Money he told him all the problems Brenda was having and Dr. Money was unconcerned by the issues he raised. In my opinion, Money did not really care about Brenda's life and how much pain he caused her, all he cared about is his case and trying to prove it right.
The Reimers started feeling like they should leave Winnipeg and start over. Therefore they moved to British Columbia. Not too long after their move Ron became a workaholic, He stayed at work in order to avoid all the problems he has at home. After Brenda's having a nervous breakdown before one of their trip to John Hopkins, her intense boyish and Her refusal to discuss the surgery Ron felt like it was too much for him to handle. The move to British Columbia was one of the worst mistakes the Remiers made, David remembers the chaos that engulfed their small trailer, Janet would...

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