As Rulings Are Announced, Cheers And Tears Among Waiting Crowd

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The global divide of same-sex marriage remains a controversial and convoluted topic across North America. The civil rights of human beings were put into question against the underlying discriminatory issue of homosexuality within the state in the New York Washington post article, “As Rulings Are Announced, Cheers and Tears Among Waiting Crowd”. Wednesday June 26th, 2013 at 10:00am marked the official ruling that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as a union between man and woman, was unconstitutional. History was made as gay spouses were given the legal right to social security benefits such as, shared health cares plans without tax penalties and gay foreigners married to Americans were given access to petition for green cards. For weeks, gay rights advocates protested and waited outside the United States Supreme Court of Washington in hopes that same-sex marriage would be legalized, a decision that would tremendously affect the lifestyle of gays and the LGTB community across the country. After the court’s presiding, gay rights advocates predominated the crowd, although supporters of solely heterosexual marriage were infuriated over the DOMA overturn and angrily responded with held signs in disbelief. Though, equality was in progress, activists were concerned because there are thirty eight states in the U.S that have yet to legalize same-sex marriage just as Larry Cirignano, Washington resident from New Jersey argued, “Thirty-eight states still haven’t made it legal” (NY Times, 2013). Nonetheless, activists were not discouraged as they shouted, “What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? Now!” Issues such as these are not black and white, they have a grey area and Rev. Robert Schenck, chairman of the Evangelical Church Alliance made an interesting point when he called the court’s ruling on the marriage act “a bittersweet outcome” (NY Times, 2013). This is because it restricted the government’s power to determine the nature of marriage; even though he firmly believes the true nature of marriage is between the unison of a man and woman. Overall, DOMA’s downfall will result in the rise of same-sex marriages in the state.
It is no coincidence that the last word in the opening paragraph is ‘nation’: “For more than two weeks […]waiting to hear decisions from the justices about two cases affecting millions of gay men and lesbians across the nation” because it instantly questions America’s national identity (NY Times, 2013). Historically speaking, the U.S had the DOMA in effect because they classified that the institution of a marriage was between a man and a woman. America’s nationalism is tremendously difficult to alter because the belief in a national identity holds immense power over its civilians and it is especially hard when laws are written. Furthermore, homosexuality is a very complicated topic that emotionally affects people such as the social activists who invest their life protesting for rights and...

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