To What Extent Are Our Global Consumption Patterns Harming Or Benefiting People And The Planet?

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The industrial revolution, around 300 years ago, has triggered the ongoing advancement of our planet and our lives concerning our consumption. We have gone a long way throughout history which has led us to a large improvement to our planet. However, this change isn’t perfect. Although it may damage the environment and our planet, our global consumption patterns are benefiting people by giving us tools that increase what we can do, and our consumption is even more beneficial because of the creation of globalization which has developed our world economy.
Our increased consumption of goods is severely damaging our planet’s environment in ways that may tamper its usefulness and comfort for the future. When goods and products are created, several of Earth’s limited resources are spent. Trees are cut to create paper, mountains are blown up and metals are mined from the Earth to create products such as computers that need these metals, clean water is used up to create drinks such as water bottles, and as a result, resources are constantly taken out of the Earth. These resources are limited because we are consuming them much faster than they can be restored. (Story of Stuff Video). Additionally, the process of creating goods requires energy which most businesses and countries use fossil fuels to generate. There are many methods of extracting oil form the Earth, and all of these methods release a large amount of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. The use of fossil fuels to generate electricity is a large contributor to our planet’s climate change, and our world overlooks this because it’s the cheapest method. Not only does the extraction of oil pollute the Earth, but also environmental areas of the Earth, such as forests, that hold a large amount of CO2 are being destroyed to make way for pipelines to extract more oil. (Ted Talk – The True Cost of Oil). Someday, resources, such as oil used to make plastic, will run out and we currently aren’t helping enough to preserve these resources for the future. We aren’t taking note of how scares the Earth’s resources really are, and all we do is trash the environment through the extraction of these resources which also damages the planet by taking away its beauty. Furthermore, pollution created by oil extraction is damaging our planet by creating climate change, which will only get worse and continue heating the planet if we continue with our extensive greenhouse gas emissions. Energy companies continue to use oil because of its cheapness and ease, but our planet is worth much more than the money saved by these businesses, and if we don’t begin using alternative sources of energy, our planet will become worse of a place to live in for our future generations.
Our consumption of goods is improving our lives as people by giving us access to tools and items that help with our everyday lives. Oil has improved our lives by allowing transportation through vehicles which helps us get to places quickly and whenever we...

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